Unfinished Tales

Hello NaBloPoMo!

What does NaBloPoMo mean? National Blog Posting Month. Every month of the year has a blog posting challenge, but November is the big one, the one that comes with all sorts of potential prizes and prestige. Okay, so maybe there isn’t prestige and I’ve yet to win a prize, but this really is the main month for those that want to take part in a month-long blogging challenge. I’ve been doing it for years, although I haven’t always been successful. I have dragged myself out of bed at 11:00 PM to make the blog post that I almost forgot about entirely. I have written blog posts that failed to properly submit and only got saved as drafts. I have completely forgotten to blog some days. There have been November failures, but I have also successfully completed the challenge a few times now. Hopefully this will be another successful year, although I can foresee some potential pitfalls in my path.

I think, for fun, that I will use book titles for blog titles, although for simplicity I will mostly use books that are on my shelves. It’s quirky and provides me with a theme even when the blog posts themselves are not necessarily linked by a theme.


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