The thing about making regular blog posts is that the act of creating a blog post becomes something of a habit. All day I have been mentally checking my ‘to-do’ list for the day and seeing ‘must blog’ there. The trouble is that I really don’t have anything specific to blog about today. It is easy to blog about my training sessions or a run or an exciting piece of news or a stressful day, but an ordinary, boring day provides much less material to work with. There is no law which says that I must blog every day, although NaBloPoMo is just around the corner, and, for the month of November, I will attempt to blog every single day! But for now, I can go a day without blogging, except that it has become a habit, and the day just feels slightly off if I do not blog. So here is today’s blog. I can’t promise that it will be anything special.

I feel kind of stuck between the desire to jump into a project and the desire to drag my feet. I am getting new kitchen cupboards, and they have been waiting for me, for us, to be ready. Now that my husband’s garage has reached a manageable stage, he is ready for the kitchen work to begin. I am so ready for a new kitchen, but the task of preparing is overwhelming. Where do I begin? I need to empty out the upper cabinets first, because they are getting taken down Tuesday morning and the bulkhead will also be removed. Today I finished emptying out 3/4 of the upper cabinets. I could have done more, but I ran out of newspaper to wrap breakables in and I am down to one box. I will have to finish tomorrow night; I have no choice!

Then I realized that I’ll also need to remove stuff that sits on the countertop, so they aren’t in the way for the demo work. I am running out of room to put things. I don’t know how much to pack away when we still need to eat. I have a feeling that the table will be used for storing the few dishes that we will have available for daily use. The dining room won’t be useable anyway with all the boxes piled everywhere.

Removing the existing tile will be my job, not that I have any tile experience, but I can do it, right? How hard can it be?


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