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Okay. I think I have finally decompressed from last weekend. Was it really only a week ago that I had the best competition in my young powerlifting life? The past week has been a long one. It has been physically draining, and my emotions have been up, down and corkscrewed like a roller-coaster. Yet through it all, I think I can still say that it has been a good week.

I don’t know what has been more physically draining…my job or my training. Without a doubt, I have walked out of the gym having left every ounce of energy behind. I think there is some kind of joke about powerlifters not doing high reps, and I certainly noticed the difference with the increase in reps this week. I try not to complain about high rep sets, as I kind of like the challenge, but there is an adjustment after several weeks of heavier weights with fewer reps. I’d still rather do the high reps over some of the accessory work any day, but I know, I know that the accessory stuff is just as important.

The past two days of work have been a little on the crazy side, and I don’t necessarily mean that in the sort of way that I actually enjoy. There is manageable crazy and then there is just plain, old psycho crazy which is not fun at all! While there were manageable moments in both days, the psycho moments sucked the life out of me. Ignorant customers drive me crazy. Rude customers make me angry. Ignorant and rude customers make even the most manageable of crazy moments psychotic. The crazy hour on a Saturday tends to be between 11:00 AM and noon. This is when we are the busiest. This is also when the customers tend to be the rudest and the most annoying. Not all customers, of course, but enough of them to push my tolerance to the limit. Today was no exception.

I had given serious consideration to going for a run after work today. There were many good reasons to not go for a run: I am sore pretty much everywhere and I am exhausted. However, there were also good reasons to go for a run: it would energize me, it would release some frustration, and, in a way, I would feel like I wasn’t giving in to the stresses of the day/week. But I decided not to go for a run. I am sore…everywhere and getting more sore by the minute. I am exhausted, mentally and physically. Seriously, I was run off my feet at work during that one crazy hour, not even counting the rest of my work day! As much as I am excited to be able to do some running again, I do not need to kill myself in order to get some mileage! I’ll save that for the gym.

On Wednesday I had blogged a bit about my sense of disappointment in realizing that I was not eligible to compete at Nationals. I was rather taken by surprise at just how disappointed I felt at that time. Shortly after that posting that blog entry, I received a private message explaining how I might possibly go about attaining the approval I would need in order to go to Nationals. I appreciate the thought behind the message and the information was interesting and tempting; however, it didn’t take me long to decide that I would not pursue that course.

It would have been simply amazing to have been able to attend Nationals in Regina in February. I had entertained thoughts of being able to connect with some old friends of mine in Saskatchewan, and the thought of competing on such a big stage was exciting. I had my moment of disappointment. Despite my best efforts to retain control, I shed a couple of tears. I received that message offering a new sliver of hope, and I felt the excitement spark again. And then I felt settled and at peace. While this new possibility was tempting and certainly not unreasonable to attain, I knew that the best decision was to wait, to earn the right to attend Nationals completely and properly. I do have a lot of potential ahead of me yet. My coach knows and believes it. I know it. I am not planning on quitting anytime soon. As much as I might want to accomplish everything yesterday, I know that there is a time and a season for all things. I will compete at Provincials next June. I will break my own records and maybe even break the ones that I haven’t broken yet, and then we’ll go from there…wherever that might be!

There is a song that has recently become a favourite of mine. I think it applies quite well to my life these days. Take a listen…


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