A Sucker for Punishment

I have been patiently waiting 142 days to go for a little run. Now that the powerlifting competition is over, I can do some running, as much or as little as I want and assuming that the hip issue doesn’t flare up again. There is no rush to return to running. I am signed up for the Resolution Run 5K on New Year’s Eve, but I don’t really need to do a lot to prepare for it. As much as I do enjoy running and have missed it these past several months, I am content to put my main focus on powerlifting and just enjoy short run from time to time. That being said…

Guess who was silly enough to go for her first run in 4.5 months today after her first high-volume squat day last night?

Those jello legs I had last night? They aren’t jello anymore. Now they are lead pipes of ever-increasing pain. My glutes, my hamstrings, and my quads are all stiff and sore and getting worse. I knew that if I didn’t go for a run today, then I definitely wouldn’t want to do it tomorrow or the next day! My resolve wavered a bit this morning while I was at work and feeling the beginnings of the pain. I didn’t get very much sleep last night, so the temptation to come home from work and ooze into a comatose state was overwhelming; however, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run in the sunshine and through the fallen leaves.

I knew that I wouldn’t be running very far, because it has been a long time since my last run. My body doesn’t know what real cardio is anymore. My idea of cardio now is high-rep squats!

I wasn’t sure how much actual running would take place. I thought I might need to pace myself with frequent walk breaks, but I didn’t need to walk. Scratch that. My legs and lungs would have greatly appreciated some walk breaks, but I was stubbornly opposed to the illusion of giving up. I ran the entire 2.4 kilometres, except for about 10 seconds while I stopped to take a picture of the leaves.

I am such a sucker for punishment that I even took the hilly route home. I might have wanted to die on that hill, but I persevered. But now that the run is over…I am ready to die on my living room floor.


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