The Hard Work Begins

I knew this day was coming, this post-competition change to my training program. It has been the same following each of my previous competitions…the training shifts focus from peaking to building a bigger base in which to eventually achieve an even bigger peak. Previous experience has taught me that this shift in focus means a lot of volume. Michael made a comment yesterday about looking forward to me having DOMS in this phase of training. Without a doubt, I will be experiencing some delayed onset muscle soreness beginning probably around 9:00 tomorrow morning, and it will only get worse with every passing hour. By the time I get to Wednesday morning’s training session, I expect that my legs will be in quite some pain.

1a. safety bar squats

75 x 8, 105 x 10, 125 x 10, 145 x 10, 155 x 10

Hello, Jello Legs!

1b. incline bench press

43 x 10, 53 x 10, 63 x 10, 63 x 10

I was bringing the bar down a little lower on my chest for the first three sets, which meant that there was a lot of triceps focus. For the final set, I brought the bar down a little bit higher to use more chest. Definitely noticed a difference!

2a. box squats, for lack of my knowledge of a better name

These were different from the usual box squats I have done. These were being used as a deadlift accessory, so I had to try to keep my shins vertical as I sat back onto the box and stood back up. It had a different feel to it, but I think I got the hang of it.

45 x 6-8, 95 x 10, 115 x 10

2b. dumbbell presses, supine with legs up in the air

25 lbs x 10, 25 x 8, 20 x 12

Hello, Spaghetti Arms!

3a. Romanian deadlifts

95 x 12, 125 x 12 (broken into two because I needed to get straps), 145 x 10

Michael was really pushing me to keep the bar in contact with my thighs, which isn’t always an easy task.

3b. chest-supported rear laterals

I like how Michael asked if I wanted to use the 8 lb or 10 lb dumbbells. I said the 8s, but Michael said the 10s.

10 lb x 12, x 12, x 15

I may not be a big fan of these, but I’m definitely getting better at them!

3c. TRX T’s

x 10, x 10, x 12

I think I liked the rear laterals more than I did these. Michael keeps putting me into positions of weakness, and I understand the why. It just isn’t always very much fun, but I guess the end results are worth the feelings of weakness and “will this always be hard?”


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