He Said/She Said

I still haven’t really decompressed from the competition. Yesterday was a very long day, and I was up quite late, almost until morning, which really isn’t all that late, except when you are used to waking up between 3 and 4 in the morning. You would think that I would sleep well after such a long, exhausting day and with no specific time requiring my consciousness, but you would be wrong. I slept most horribly, tossing and turning, and finally waking completely around 5:00. I did have some numbness in my toe late at night, but it was not nearly as bad as it was after the July competition. The numbness began roughly a half-hour before going to bed and went away roughly a half-hour after, so it is definitely improving! Then I realized that my powerlifting total was also a new Provincial record, which means that I still achieved my goal of breaking 2 records yesterday! So yeah, I slept like crap, but we got an early start to the day and the drive home. I’ve not really accomplished much with the rest of my day, but I still have one more day off. Decompression will take place eventually.

Instead I thought it might be interesting to share some quotes from the weekend…perhaps loosely quoted depending on the strength of my memory!

My youngest son’s farewell: Don’t mess up your lifts!

Me: Crazy, psychotic truck drivers!

Kane: There’s a weigh scale…want to check your weight, ’cause you’re as heavy as a truck!

Me, eating breakfast: What kind of meat is ‘country-fried steak’ anyway? It doesn’t look like beef or chicken or pork. It just looks strange…but I like it!

Me: I like coffee now! I love coffee. And wine.

Bette: When are you going to put some weight on the bar?!

Michael:Do you want me to slap your back?

Michael: You’ve got this. You own it!

Me, roughly 2 hours after the competition while eating dinner: I’m so excited and pumped up that I could run a marathon right now…except for my back. My back is getting really sore!

Me: There’s a frog in my bellini!

Kane: Do you have ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ on your playlist, because I am totally the wind beneath your wings!

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