The Fall Classic

Oh my goodness! There is so much that I could say about this day, but I am not sure that I can do it justice at this point in time. It has been a long day. I am tired, my back is sore, and, if my thoughts weren’t already in a jumble, I’m sipping on a glass of white wine after enjoying a bellini with dinner. But I can do this! Or close enough…

My equipment all passed inspection, including a pair of my soxbox socks. The last time I competed with the BCPA, I wasn’t allowed to wear my soxbox socks, but I suspect that was due to my bringing the REBEL socks. Today I chose the less antagonistic BOOM socks.

I made weight, not that there was really any risk that I wouldn’t. I weighed in at 70.2 kilograms. I really did try to gain a few extra pounds to push my weight closer to the 72 kg limit, but gaining weight these days is rather difficult. I was able to enjoy a hearty breakfast before I weighed in though. That’s a nice change from RAW weigh-ins where I am essentially starving through the weigh-in.

A. The Squats

My first attempt was easy. It was supposed to be easy. 95 kg (209.4 lbs) The second attempt was to break the current Provincial record. Since I could break it by as little as half a kilogram, that’s what I did. 103 kg (227 lbs) I knew that I could do that weight without difficulty, because I did 225 pounds for a double in training and had done 235 for a single. With one more attempt to go, I was aiming to break my personal record as well as the Provincial record I had just set. 110 kg (242.5 pounds) There was a bit of a slow spot, but it felt pretty good and certainly not quite maximal.

B. The Bench Press

This was where I was probably the most concerned. My opener was 52.5 kg (115.7 lbs), which I have done for a triple in training without too much difficulty. I have to say that this weight at this moment wasn’t my best rep. It felt a little heavy. My next attempt was 55 kg (121.3 lbs), and this felt much better than the first attempt. At this point, we had planned on breaking the Provincial record with my final attempt and submitted a number based on that. For this competition, I actually had competition! Well, my competitor broke the Provincial record on her second attempt, which meant that we needed to make an adjustment to my final attempt. So, we changed my number to 60 kg (132.3 lbs), which would have beat the old Provincial record but was still a new personal record for me! While I may not have claimed the new Provincial record, I am still happy to have done what I did, because I actually did better than I had hoped for.

C. The Deadlifts

So, we’re in the warm-up area and the weights are all in kilograms, because that is what is used in competition, even though we use pounds in training. Michael tells me to work up to the bar with a 20 kg, a 10 kg, and a 5 kg plate on each side. I see a bar sitting there with those exact plates on it and go pull 5 reps right off the start. Yeah, I just did my first warm-up lift with almost 200 pounds! Ha! That’s not the way it should be done, but it felt really rather good. Maybe that was a good indicator that my deadlift mojo was working today…

I opened with a very easy 112.5 kg (248 lbs). My second attempt was my previous competition best at 122.5 kg (270.1 lbs). For the final attempt, we decided to go with 135 kg (297.6 lbs). This was uncharted territory for me and was a few pounds heavier than the deadlift I missed in July. I had felt good and as cool as a cucumber for the entire competition, but, in the minutes leading up to this final attempt, my heart started pounding out of my chest. It wasn’t that I was really nervous, as in worried about being able to make the lift, but I just felt as if I had all this nervous energy bubbling inside me, wanting to burst out. I was bouncing on my feet. Michael asked if I wanted him to slap my back before my attempt, and I said sure. I think it helped actually! I went out there and did the lift!

So, I finished first in my age/weight class, and I actually earned it this time since I had competition! She might have beat me at the bench press, but I rocked everything else. My total was 305 kg (672.4 lbs), which exceeds my goal for this competition. I thought I might be pushing my limits to hope for a 666 pound total based on some numbers I was throwing around in my head, but I really would have been satisfied with a 650 pound total. Of course, I am especially pleased to have exceeded my goal and wildest dream goal!

I didn’t miss a single lift. I didn’t get a single red light. I did what I wanted to do and then some. I am so stinking excited that I was practically bouncing in my seat as we ate dinner after the competition…until my back began to throb anyway! It’s feeling not so bad now. It’s just the typical post-competition soreness.

My coach also competed and did well, winning the best overall male masters lifter! So proud of him for his accomplishments, especially since he had to warm-up at the same time he had to coach me. I am super proud to have been able to lift with him again. He made me eat, when I really didn’t feel like eating. He put chalk on my back and baby powder on my legs. He cheered me on, encouraged me, believed in me, and slapped me on the back. I love his fist bumps!

A friend brought homemade cookies, and they were divinely delicious! I’m eating a couple right now. With wine.

Maybe more thoughts tomorrow when I get home and have decompressed…


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