Ready or Not

Here I sit, or rather I am laying on the king-sized hotel bed, watching the Blue Jays game and contemplating what I can eat next. I am laying down, because several hours of sitting in the car probably isn’t the best for my hip, even though the hip/toe issue is improving quite significantly. I’m tired of sitting. I’d be more excited about laying down if it were time for bed, but it is much too early for sleep. Mostly I feel restless, like a tightly wound spring waiting to be let loose. Is it time for weigh-in yet? Time to lift? Sadly no.

I know that I need to eat more tonight, particularly carbs, but I don’t feel very hungry. I haven’t felt hungry all day. Plus, not being at home makes the whole food thing a bit of  a challenge. There is a grocery store next door to the hotel, so we have already walked over to pick up a few things. However, when you don’t feel hungry, nothing is really appealing. I probably should have bought more than I did, and now I’m already in my pyjamas…

Oh well! It will be what it will be. What happens tomorrow is of much more importance.


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