The Final Countdown

Competition is in 3 days. Three days! Even though I have one more training session before we leave, I couldn’t prevent myself from emptying out and re-packing my gym bag for the weekend. However, I am proud of myself for delaying the packing of my overnight bag, but that didn’t happen more because I was distracted by a little baseball game being played in Toronto this afternoon! Actually, I have been a little slow to get myself organized for this weekend, as I am usually well ahead of the game. This morning, I finally made my to-do lists, because I am quite likely to forget something if I don’t have it written down.

  • car in for new brakes at 11:00 today
  • pack suitcase
  • pack gym bag
  • write out instructions/phone numbers for kids
  • laundry
  • charge ipod
  • paint fingernails
  • fill water jugs
  • gym Thursday 10:00
  • hair Thursday 3:00
  • library book sale after the gym
  • shave legs
  • figure out/pack food for during competition (do I even eat during a competition?)
  • take Abby to the library sale Thursday evening
  • make an attempt to get the house in order (although I’m sure it wouldn’t stay clean)
  • food on hand for the kids? (not exactly high on my priority list but definitely high on Casey’s)
  • gas in the car
  • deposit my cheque

And I reserve the right to add to my list before I leave on Friday!


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