Mad World

One week until competition!

I am so excited for next weekend that I had a difficult time retaining mental focus at work today. My body may have been working, but my head was already in Abbotsford. Between being stuck between two worlds, as it were, and the endless stream of customers without a clue, my day felt rather frustrating and stunted. I am so ready for next weekend, yet I have to wait seven days for it to get here! Despite all that, I actually had a good day.

This is a different Thanksgiving weekend for me. Since 2010, I have spent every Thanksgiving weekend involved with the BMO Okanagan Marathon. In 2010, I ran my very first race, a 5K. The next three years I ran the 10K and volunteered. Last year was supposed to be my first and only marathon, but my hip had other ideas in the last few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Instead of running last year, I had to be content to merely volunteer. This year I am not involved in any way, shape or form. I am not running. I am not volunteering. It does feel a little strange to be keeping my distance, but I am okay with it. With my powerlifting competition next week, running this weekend was definitely not going to happen. I could have volunteered, but I’m taking time off next week and I’ve got a wedding to attend on Monday. It’s kind of nice to take a break from the marathon weekend, although I’d definitely miss it if I allowed myself to get anywhere near the hub of activity.


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