As Time Goes By

Today felt like a wasted day. The morning was spent waiting for an oil & tire change. While I expected a bit of a wait, I really wasn’t planning on spending three hours there. I really hate wasting my time like that. I mean, honestly, if I want to waste time I’m perfectly capable of doing it in a manner of my own choosing, but having someone or something else waste my time is frustrating and annoying. But, now my winter tires are on the car, and that is an absolute necessity for when we go to my competition in 9 days!

Still, I don’t think I ever recovered from those wasted hours. I’ve felt like I was slogging through the rest of my day, eyes scratchy and a mild headache. Nothing really got done. I skipped the other errands I had planned for my morning, because I no longer had the motivation, energy or time for them.

I had a chiropractor appointment this afternoon which always shines a little sunshine on my day. I’m still generally feeling good, but it seems like there are a lot of little aches and such that come and go from day-to-day. He suggested that I may be experiencing some inflammation, and I suppose that would make sense. Now I just need the time to figure out what could be causing the inflammation.


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