You’ve Got To Earn It

Three weeks. Twenty-one days. At this time in three weeks, I will be in the midst of competition. I am excited about this competition on many levels.

  1. In this competition, I have the very real possibility of breaking some Provincial records. While I have set and broken my own National records competing in 100% RAW, this competition is through the British Columbia Powerlifting Association and has a different set of records. In my first RAW competition last year, there had been no records set by a woman in my age/weight class, so they were mine to create with my best lifts on that day. This past summer, I broke my own records. Of course, I still had to train hard and perform well on the platform to break my own records; however, breaking a BCPA Provincial record is something that I will most definitely have to earn. I have had my eye on these records since my first BCPA competition this past April, even though I wasn’t yet in a position to challenge them. Whether I am yet capable of challenging all the records is something that I cannot say with any degree of certainty. I believe that I have a good shot at one, for sure, possibly two of the records, but who knows what the adrenaline of a competition will do.
  2. It appears as if I will have actual “competition” this time. In each of my previous three competitions, I have been the only female in my age/weight class. I admit that it has been nice to not have had the additional stress of directly competing against someone up to this point; I am also glad to finally have that little extra push to put everything out on the platform. I like to win and hate to lose, but I am a gracious loser. If I am beaten by someone better than me, then I can be happy for their success, content with my own and spurred on to be better next time. Still, right now, I want to win!
  3. This will be my final competition of 2015, and that makes me happy/sad. I love competing, so I’m a little sad that I will be heading into an off-season, of sorts. On the flip side though, I know that the real gains in strength come through training and that competitions are best spread out. I could probably run a 5 or 10 kilometre race every week or two without too much stress on my body, but I couldn’t do the same with powerlifting competitions. Even if I don’t want to back off, I am smart enough to know that my body needs it. Training won’t end, but the focus might change for a while and that’s okay.
  4. My coach competed with me in my very first competition last year. I know that wasn’t necessarily easy for him. After all, not only did he have to coach me, keep my nerves and emotions in check, and plan my attempts, but he also had to do the same for himself. He may feel differently, but I think he did a pretty fine job, at least on my end! I doubt that he had quite the performance that he may have hoped for, so I appreciate the sacrifice on my behalf. For my last two competitions, my coach was just my coach. I don’t know that he was any less stressed out! 🙂 While I’ve managed to stay fairly calm during my competitions, Michael seems to feel nervous. This time, however, Michael will be competing with me once again. I’m sure it will present a challenge for him again, but I have a little bit more experience under my belt now. I’m just glad that my coach will be there with me, because, despite the appearance that I am as cool as a cucumber, I still need an experienced voice to keep me focused and thinking clearly. I’m also quite excited to be sharing the platform with Michael again.

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