Just Breathe

It seems that I have managed to catch a bug. Despite throwing vitamin C, oregano oil, eucalyptus oil, and lots of water at the early symptoms for the past few days, it hit me hard today. I don’t have time to be sick, so I’m going to keep throwing everything that I can at it, at least the natural things. I tried to have a nap early this afternoon, but I only managed about 10 minutes of half-asleep, half-awake stillness before I was once again wide-awake and alert. I am stubbornly refusing to take anything for the headache, although it did fade to the background while I was training. In fact, by the end of my training session, I felt better than I did when I had first arrived at the gym. I am sure that good feeling won’t last too long.

1a. deadlifts

beltless: 95 x 8, 135 x 5, 185 x 5

with belt: 205 x 4, 225 x 3, 245 x 2, 255 x 1

We experimented with belt position today, because Michael saw that my back was rounding in a different way than usual. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the difference in belt position. It feels odd, and I have to resist the urge to push it down where it belongs. The final rep saw my belt right on the bottom of my ribcage. The bracing felt better than the set before where the belt was just a bit lower though higher than normal, but it felt very weird not to have anything to push my belly against.

1b. floor press, moderate grip

43 x 5, 73 x 5, 88 x 5, 100 x 3,

Before the next set, Michael said that he’d let me up the weight if I had decent speed.

100 x 3  Fast enough but he told me to make sure that I took a moment between reps to breathe and expand my chest. You know, I get told to “breathe” quite often. My coach tells me to breathe. My chiropractor tells me to breathe. I get told to breathe so often that I’m sure they think I am a walking corpse.

110 x 3  I made a point of expanding my chest, taking a breath between each rep, and these were solid, good reps. That third rep was faster than any of my reps at 100 pounds! Maybe there is something to this breathing thing after all!

115 x 3 a definite PR for floor presses and I was breathing!

100 x 5…Forgot to breathe for the second and third reps, realized my mistake by the end of the third rep, breathed properly for the final two reps, and no surprise…those were the best reps! Okay, I admit it! Breathing is important!

1c. pause deadlifts with belt…higher

185 x 3, 185 x 3 without touching the floor, 195 x 3 without touching the floor

2a. glute-ham raises

x 10-12 lost count when Michael told me to put my hands behind my head

x 10 hands behind my head for all

2b. ab wheel

x 5 or 6 using the barbell loaded to 195 pounds, keeping shoulders locked back

x 8 using ab wheel, shoulders locked back

3. lunges with two 16kg kettle bells held in the rack position x 14 total lunges

This was a little bit of a struggle at the beginning, but I wasn’t willing to back down to 12kg kettle bells when Michael asked. I was determined to get it done, and I did.


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