Eat It

Much of my life passes by in seasons or phases, distinctly different from one season to the next. I love to read, but I will experience several periods of literary famine, where I just cannot be drawn into the pages of any book. I could go weeks, maybe even months, without truly delving deep into a book, but then a day will come when I cannot keep enough books on hand! I love puzzles but in seasons. For several weeks in a row, I will complete puzzle after puzzle after puzzle, until one day I am puzzled out. Those are seasons that I enjoy, whether they are coming or going; however, I think I am in the midst of a different sort of phase that I do not particularly enjoy.

I don’t like food very much these days.

I know that statement goes against some unwritten powerlifting code, because training hard and lifting heavy things seems to require eating copious amounts of food, but I really have little desire for food these days. It does not taste good. Consuming food doesn’t make me feel all that great, and I’m often fighting a gag reflex just to get some food down. Some crap food has appeal, but I am trying not to turn to that stuff too often as I know it isn’t the best choice for me, for my training. My eating plan isn’t set in stone, but I do have a general guideline that I try to hit as far as numbers go for my macros (but I am not eating whatever to fit my macros…there is a difference!). My total numbers for last week were a bit lower. Unless something changes drastically over the next few days, this week’s numbers will also be lower. This is not the end of the world, but I do need to try to keep this machine fuelled.

Michael asked if I was worried about gaining weight, but I don’t think that is the case. I am comfortably within my weight class for the upcoming competition, but my weight has held fairly steady for the past several weeks, even since I have been taking creatine. If my weight was approaching my weight class ceiling, then I would begin to stress, but I don’t truly think that will be an issue.

Perhaps I am just stuck in a food rut from eating similar things too often, and, quite honestly, this is a more realistic explanation. Sometimes it is so much simpler to have the same thing frequently, especially when I am focusing on having good carbs in high quantities. Throw a busy schedule into the mix, and it isn’t all that difficult to fall into that routine rut.

Typically I can eat a lot after a training session, but lately I have not had much of an appetite post-training. Oh, I get home with an appetite, only to see it evaporate once I have food in front of me. Nothing tastes good! Well, I’m sure a bag of potato chips or some poutine would taste fantastic, but those should be “once in a while” treats rather than the building blocks of my diet.

Whatever the reason, I’m in a sucky season of hating food, and I have been instructed not to eat like a bird or like a girl. Easier said than done right now.


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