Crazy Train

Despite a short and not so great sleep last night, I made it through the day, possibly even with flying colours! Fridays are typically crazy days, but today seemed somewhat different. I was still sweating within minutes of starting work, but there was a different rhythm to the day that made the day feel just a little bit easier. Still, a poor night’s sleep is still a poor night’s sleep, and I’ve felt tired from the time that I woke up. Of course, I felt wide awake when I woke up two hours before my alarm! Since I am tired and slipping into a mental fog, why not blog a bunch of random thoughts and observations!

  • I’m watching the Blue Jays/Yankees game and notice a close-up shot of a Yankee batter. Do you know what I noticed? The pinstripes on the jersey were perfectly, I mean absolutely perfectly, lined up with the pinstripes on the pants! Is it just me or does that seem a little unnatural? If I were wearing such an outfit I could almost guarantee that my shirt would not stay perfectly tucked and straight through all the movement associated with playing baseball. I suspect that the Yankee uniform is actually a one-piece.
  • Thanks to those 50 reps of curls yesterday, it hurts to full straighten my arms, but it isn’t too bad so far.
  • Sometimes I think I need to wear my earplugs in the house when I am not sleeping.
  • It has been a long time since I last cried while cutting onions. I think wearing contacts has protected my eyes, but today was a glasses-wearing day. The onion I chopped for tonight’s dinner assaulted my eyes with unrestrained fury. Casey mocked my pain.
  • My husband is trying to push my buttons tonight. He acknowledges my death glares and continues on without skipping a beat. This is why I need earplugs.
  • I’m kind of glad it worked out that this week has been an “easy” one for me with only working two days, because Manic Mondays resume after this weekend. Mondays will once again be days that see me up at 3:15 in the morning and going virtually non-stop (and out-of-the-house) until after 9:00 PM. And yes, that also means that I will be sacrificing a couple of hours of precious sleep every Monday night. It’s a good thing that Tuesdays are my Fridays.
  • Since Manic Mondays are knocking on the door, I am particularly excited for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a day with some girlfriends. The agenda may include some wine tours, some shopping, some ice cream, and, I’m sure, a lot of fun.
  • Tomorrow is 5 weeks until my last competition of the year. It feels so close and yet so far away, but I am super excited for it!
  • I don’t know if you have noticed, but every blog title this month, with the exception of the first one, has been a song title! My goal is to continue that trend at least for the rest of the month.

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