Chain of Fools

I don’t always deadlift on a Thursday, but when I do it is almost certain to mess with my natural sense of order and routine. Not only was my training session on a different day, but it was also a couple of hours later than normal and that change probably messed me up the most. I knew I would be eating dinner really late, like past my bedtime late, which also means that I am going to be short on sleep tonight. The alarm still has to wake me up at 3:45 tomorrow morning, no matter what time I finally get into bed tonight. Anyway, I had fully planned out my eating for the day, since I knew that having some carbs in my belly before training is a good idea, even if I didn’t want to eat a full meal until later. However, I completely forgot about my planned mid-afternoon snack, at least until I was driving to the gym and realized that I was starving. No wonder I felt especially jacked up on caffeine from my afternoon cup of coffee!

1a. pause deadlifts

without belt: 95 x 8, 135 x 5, 165 x 5

with belt: 195 x 5

Okay, I have to say that Michael had me try one of his old belts for that set, a 13 mm belt that has not been broken in and is extremely rigid. It wasn’t too difficult to get it on, although the rigidity prevented me from getting it as snug as I would wear my own belt. As such, I’m not sure if it helped at all during my set, because it might have been a tad too loose to push out against. However, getting the belt off was like a scene out of The Three Stooges. There was absolutely no way that I could have got that belt off on my own. Michael tried. Michael tried leveraging it against a rack post. Michael tried pulling on the belt, while my training buddy tried pulling the prong out. Michael essentially gave me a bear hug trying to pull it out. We moved to a different rack post and tried leveraging it again. Finally I was free! Thankfully, I don’t get claustrophobic easily, and the belt wasn’t as tight as I wear it when I squat, so I could breathe easily enough. It was funny though.

with a different belt!:

195 + 40 pounds of chain x 3 with pause off the floor

195 + 40 pounds chain x 3 with pause only for first rep

215 + 40 pounds chain x 3 no pause

1b. floor press

45 x 8 close grip, 45 x 7 or  8 wide grip,

wide grip: 70 x 6, 90 x 5, 105 x 3, 115 x 1

1c 3-board presses: 115 x 1/2 rep…Michael grabbed the bar before I even had a chance to struggle. He recognized that my positioning was off, because the boards kind of threw me off.

95 x 8 this set was much better…got the hang of the change to positioning with the boards

105 x 5

2a. block pulls-with straps

195 x 5, 215 x 5

2b. chest-supported rows

40 lb dumbbells x 7 + 12 kg kettle bells x 10

40 lb dumbbells x 3 + 12 kg kettle bells x 10

2c. dumbbell curls

So another humorous story with the curls…I’m not always a fan of the curls, especially towards the end of my session when my arms are fatigued. I jokingly asked if I should use the 8 pound dumbbells for my curls. Naturally Michael scoffed, but then he said that if I could do 50 reps with the 8 pounds then I could just do one set. He should really know better than to issue me a challenge like that! I wasn’t sure that I could actually get 50 reps, but I was sure gonna give it everything I had.

8 lb dumbbells x 50

That’s right-I did it! Ha!

2d. triceps extensions with a red band x 20

These were done right after the curls, and that is why I did them.

And now it is way, way past my bedtime…


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