Last Friday Night

I was going to pick up some red wine on the way home from the gym, but I forgot. Oh well, I suppose I really didn’t need it anyway, although I kind of think a glass would have been nice at the end of this long, exhausting day. <sigh> But it is quite likely that there will be a bit of whine of another sort…

1a. pause deadlifts

without belt: 95 x 5, 135 x 5, 165 x 5, 165 x 2

with belt: 185 x 1, 195 x 5, 200 x 4, 200 x 4

We are really working on technique here, because I tend to pull with my back more than pushing with my legs. Michael worked some cues which seemed to help. Mostly. As he pointed out, this is only my second time doing deadlifts like this, so I really shouldn’t feel so frustrated with my lack of perfection. <sigh> Why can’t I be perfect? 😉

1b. floor press

43 x 8, 68 x 5, 88 x 5, 88 x 5, 98 x 5

1c. seated cable rows/face pulls

15 lbs x 20, 15 lbs x 6 + 20 lbs x 14, 20 x 17, 20 x 20

2a. front squats-flat shoes and no knee sleeves

95 x 6, 115 x 6, 135 x 6

The first set felt super choky. The following sets were a little easier on the throat, but my legs felt like a water-bed in the middle of an earthquake. I definitely noticed a slight increase in difficulty with the flat shoes.

2b. rear delt laterals

8 lb dumbbells x 15, x 15

Generally, I strongly dislike these, but they felt surprisingly easy today. The second set wasn’t quite as easy. Well, the arms handled them no problem, but my legs were quivering like you wouldn’t believe!

2c. TRX leg curls

x 15, x 15

Feel the burn? Why, yes I do!

2d. standing cable biceps curls

Michael said these were a body-builder thing and I shouldn’t mention these, but I’m a rebel. Besides, if I’m going to be subjected to torture, I want it to be well documented, so that tomorrow or the next day, when I wonder why my arms hurt so much, I be able to look back and say this is the reason! Unfortunately, this torture addled my brain to the point that I couldn’t even recall the reps and weights that I had just finished doing. I can only present a “most likely” account.

20 lbs? x 8-12?, 20 lbs x 4 (that much I do remember)…drop the weight to 15 lbs? x maybe 4-6…drop the weight to 10 lbs? x I dunno…3, 4, 5? The fog gets even thicker. I want to say that I did a set without weight, pretty sure I did, because I do know that Michael kept telling me to do “two more reps” and “show me what you’re made of” and I really just wanted to die. If I did indeed do this set, I think I did 15 or so reps, because there was no way that I could get the 20 that Michael was pushing for. My arms were on fire. Even if I could have remembered the reps and such, there was no way that I could have written it in my training log.

3. hanging from the thick bar to work my grip

The goal was to hang there for 1 minute. Last week I managed 46 seconds. Today, despite the fatigue in my arms and the sore deadlift hands, I made it for the entire minute! Then, after a short rest, Michael had me give it another go. He said he would be impressed if I made it for the entire minute again, and I said I also would be impressed if I succeeded! I knew it wasn’t likely to happen again, but I did manage to hang on for 35 seconds.

Something tells me that I’m going to be feeling some DOMS this weekend.


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