Misplaced Perspective

I am not certain why I think this, but I often head to my Wednesday morning training session thinking that it’s going to be a simple, easy day. After all, my Wednesday sessions typically don’t involve the big lifts. There are no squats, no deadlifts. Wednesdays tend to focus on little things and upper body, which I know are important, in general and for the big lifts, but somehow I always feel like this is my easy training day. At least I feel that way until I am in the middle of my training session! There is very little that is easy about these sessions. They just look different. They involve less weight, unless we’re talking my body-weight and that is not something to take for granted! I sweat just as much, and I am equally fatigued by the end. Michael works me hard, and, in all honesty, I really wouldn’t want it any other way.

1a. T push-ups

x 6, x 6

I have never done these before, and I’ve made it quite clear how I feel about push-ups. As Michael demonstrated these for me, I know I had the most sarcastically, skeptical smirk on my face. Seriously? You take one of the exercises I hate the most, and then you want me to balance on one arm with both feet essentially on top of each other? My mind was screaming that there was no way that I could do these, but, thankfully, I have become quite good at ignoring that negative voice and listening instead to the more positive ones. While not super-high reps, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could indeed do these!

1b. TRX inverted rows

x 4 or 5 + 4, x 5 + 5, x 4 + 7, x 4 + 4, x 13

Push-ups are actually moving down my list of hated exercises, while these TRX inverted rows are climbing it. They felt difficult today, and this is where my bodyweight comes into play. The first number in each set was the reps done with my legs straight out in a plank-like position. The second number was the reps done with my legs bent in order to get some leg drive assistance. Ha! The final set with the 13 reps was done with straight legs but at more of an incline, although still quite low to the ground.

1c. prone lower trap raises using 5 lb dumbbells

x 12, x 14, x 15

I’ve never done these before either. The first set was challenging, but the following sets were much easier and better. I don’t know exactly what Michael was looking for. He probably mentioned it, but I wasn’t in a mental position to retain it! Regardless, whatever he was looking for…it was definitely better in the second and third sets.

1d. incline bench press

43 x 8, 63 x 8, 63 x 8, 63 x 7

No sooner did I finish the last set than my delts began to feel as if they were going to explode…or shrivel up and die a slow and painful death. Joy!

2a. neck raises x 20 using a 10 lb bumper plate

2b. dead stop rows

24 kg kettlebell x 10 x 2 sets

2c. dips x 10 with blue band, x 5 with red band

When Michael changed the bands, I was ready to curl up and die along with my arms, but I managed to get 5 reps. What could I do with fresh arms?

2d. triceps extensions

40 lbs x 8, 35 x 7

face pulls 10 lbs x 20


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