I kind of wish that I could see parts of the film footage that ended up on the cutting room floor, at least the rest of the comments Michael made when he was interviewed at the end of the session. Although I sat there, trying to listen to what he was saying, I didn’t quite catch everything and I certainly cannot remember most of it now. I do recall thinking that it was really rather interesting to hear his perspective on who I am and what makes me tick. There is one line that did make it into the interview that I get a kick out of…”she’s not intimidated by me anymore!”

1a. bench press-close grip

43 x 8, 63 x 6, 83 x 6, 90 x 6, 90 x 6, 90 x 6

1b. chin-ups with small green band

underhand grip x 6, x 6, x 6,

overhand grip x 5

neutral grip x 5.5

and 1 eccentric over 8 seconds without the band

2a. modified parallette handstand push-ups

x 6ish, x 8

I’ve never done these before. My knees were on a bench, my hands on the parallettes. The first set was awkward as I had to learn the positioning, but the second set was much easier. Too easy, I guess. Remember how Michael said that I’m not intimidated by him anymore? He’s right. I’m not, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes feel a little bit intimidated by what he asks me to do! Since the second set was easy, Michael thought I should try it with my knees on the glute-ham developer! Now that was intimidating, but I’ll try just about anything at least once. I didn’t dare employ the same range of motion with my knees so much higher than the rest of my body, but I managed to get 5 reps. I actually started a sixth rep, but there was no getting back up from that one and I almost face-planted. Michael was right there, although I managed to somehow get my legs down to the floor while keeping my face off of the floor. I’m sure it looked amazingly graceful. So that was perhaps too high and the bench was too low. My training partner started giving Michael ideas on to make the bench higher for me. How thoughtful of her! Next up was a tri-fold mat on top of the adjustable box. I set up for the first rep, descended and almost didn’t make it back up. I’ll just blame it on my arms feeling fatigued by that point.

Back to the bench for a set of 8.

2b. dead stop dumbbell rows

30+ lbs x 5 each side

50+ lbs x 12, x 11, x 9


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