Just a Little Interview

To say that I was a little excited today would be a gross understatement. I knew that the interview that I did for Shaw TV would be aired today, and I was probably quivering with excitement just waiting for the opportunity to see it. Once I actually saw it, well…the emotions have been on quite the roller-coaster ride! Being in front of a camera is not my idea of an enjoyable time, and public speaking holds as much appeal as using a cactus as a toboggan; however, I am blown away by the final video. It is simply amazing, even more so since I am in it! Thank goodness I didn’t break their camera! But seriously, I love it! They did an excellent job. I’m really not wholly convinced I recognize the girl in that video, but it really is me! I am so excited about it, but it also pulls a lot of emotion to the surface. All good stuff. Happy and proud. Both of those emotions can also make the tears flow, and that has certainly taken place more than a few times this afternoon. Then, as I hear comments and feedback from friends, family, and strangers, the emotions can choke me up instantly. I don’t even know if my feet were touching the ground when I walked in the gym this afternoon!

Competition is just shy of 8 weeks away. The roster was posted this afternoon, and it looks like I will actually have someone to “compete” against this time! There is another lady in the same weight/age group. I have no idea who she is or what she is capable of lifting, but it really doesn’t matter. I’ve got my own goals for that competition, and that is where I will put my focus. Well, actually I will just focus on my training, knowing that the training will produce the results, and I’ll leave the drive to win simmer until that day. ‘Cause you know I will want to win! Or at least do everything I can to try to win.

  1. squats-high bar, with sleeves

It felt very odd when I first approached the bar today, and it took a split second for me to figure out why I felt out-of-sorts and unsure of what to do with the bar. It was because I’ve been using the safety bar since the last competition, and I cannot approach the bar in the same way. The last time I did high bar squats was when I competed in April, so it was also a little weird doing them now, but I think I did just fine. My positioning was certainly really good without the pitching forward that would often happen with my high bar in the past.

warm-up: 45 x 8, 95 x 8, 115 x 3, 135 x 3, 155 x 3 all beltless

main event, with belt: 170 x 5, 175 x 5, 180 x 5, 180 x 5, 190 x 1, 195 x 1, 200 x 1, 185 x 5

Just have to say that the 200 pound single was the fastest rep I have ever done at that weight. Ever! Of course, then the 5 back-down reps at 185 felt kind of tough. Michael said that I am definitely a powerlifter!

2. bench press-moderate grip

warm-up: 43 x 8, 63 x 5, 80 x 5

main event: 95 x 5, 95 x 5, 95 x 5, 95 x 5, 100 x 5

The bench press felt smooth and strong today. While this is still my weakest of the three lifts, I feel so much stronger and more confident with it. Probably one of my biggest challenges with the bench press and using different grips is nailing down the bar position on my chest. It usually takes a rep or two to make the adjustment, and I sometimes “lose it” for a rep or two as the sets progress. I am getting better though.

As I set up for the last set at 100 pounds, Michael was being his usual encouraging self and said that it would feel lighter than the last set. I was too busy unracking the bar to comment in the moment, but I was certainly thinking that there was no way that it would feel lighter with an additional 5 pounds on the bar! When I teased him about it after my set, he said that it was better than saying that the weight would feel heavy and might crush me. That is true, but sometimes reverse psychology works great on me! So, he told me that the 200 pound squat would crush me before I did it, jokingly, because we both knew that I was more than capable of that weight. I smoked it, so see how effective that reverse psychology can be!

And here is the link for the interview!


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