23 Years

I was right to be afraid to go to work this morning. The day didn’t go quite as I had planned, and sadly, I had to plan for a day that I knew wouldn’t quite meet my standards. It’s the nature of the job, the influx of less experienced staff that sometimes overtakes the level of the experienced. Those are never fun days, but Saturday mornings make the experience more of a gong show than anything else. It’s a good thing that I sort of thrive on gong show craziness, at least at work, and 3 double shots of espresso throughout the morning didn’t hurt.

I came home to flowers from my husband, as today is our 23rd anniversary. We went for a lovely walk along the lakefront and enjoyed a lovely dinner out with more walking after.

Now I am sprawled on the living room floor. I have done more sitting today than I have since Tuesday, but it was all pretty much unavoidable.


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