The Sitting Dilemma

With the exception of using the toilet and being in the car, I did not sit down once yesterday! I am quite proud of myself for pulling off that feat, and if there was a way that I could use the toilet and drive my car without sitting down then I would be all over that, too! My hip felt the least amount of pain yesterday than it has felt in some time, and even that little bit of pain was only the result of sitting in the car for roughly a half-hour straight. There was also very little numbness in my toe yesterday, which meant that it was much easier to fall asleep last night.

My chiropractor is not wholly convinced that this is a disc issue. It still could be, but it isn’t behaving quite the way a disc problem really would. I guess that is good news, although that begs the question as to what is actually going on. Regardless, we’re going to treat it like a disc issue. My chiropractor used the analogy of an overflowing sink. First, we need to stop the flow of water. That’s my job…stop sitting! Then we clean up the mess, and that’s my chiropractor’s job. I’m not sure who has the easier task.

I made the mistake today of offering to take my daughter out for lunch. It wasn’t until after we had placed our order that I realized that I was sitting, and my hip was hurting within minutes. That is the only time I have sat down today, but it made me realize how much of life revolves around sitting. It’s been relatively easy to avoid sitting since I have been at home on my days off, but something as simple as going out for a meal instantly threw a wrench in my no-sitting challenge. As such, I have also been thinking about the next several days and how that will look as far as avoiding sitting.

Tomorrow, at work, it won’t be too difficult. I’ve never been so glad to NOT have a desk job! However, when you are on your feet all day, it really is nice to enjoy your breaks sitting down. I might have to take my breaks standing up. My Saturday work day will be more challenging, because I will need to spend some time in the office doing paperwork and counting money. Saturday is also my wedding anniversary, which means I expect to be taken out for dinner, which involves more sitting. Sunday is church…and sitting or, more appropriately, squirming on the pew or kneeling to avoid squirming. Monday is another work day with minimal sitting, except for a managers’ meeting. Tuesday is another work day with office time. Then I am back to days off and the ability to remove sitting from my vocabulary, I think.

I guess I cannot avoid sitting completely, at least not every day. Perhaps the best that I can do is to focus on all the ways and times that I can avoid sitting and not stress out over those times when I cannot avoid it.


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