Row, row, row

The real hard work will probably begin next week, as we shift back into competition preparation mode, but that doesn’t mean today’s session was a cake walk. Okay, it was upper body day, so it always feels slightly more difficult than I think it should.

1a. inverted TRX rows-legs straight out

x 5, x 5, x 4.75, x 4.75, x 4, x 3.75 plus another 7 using legs

1b. incline bench press

45 x 8, 65 x 5, 65 x 5, 65 x 5 with a pause on last rep, 70 x 5 with pause on last rep, 70 x 5

2a. incline push-ups

x 10, x 7 really struggled with this set, x 10 better body positioning

2b. shoulder extensions

5 lb dumbbells x 20, x 20, 8 lb dumbbells x 20

2c. some sort of one leg, bent over, arms forward and pull them back, open the shoulder kind of thing

x 3ish each side…balance is not always my strong suit

x 6 each side…sometimes I just need to get familiar with a movement

x 4ish each side…and sometimes my balance just sucks

2d. deadstop dumbbell rows

50+ lbs x 6 each side, 50+ x 8 each side, 50+ x 9 each side

I only had to do 8 reps on the last set, but I did 9 just because I could. I could have done another rep, probably even a total of 11 or 12, at least with my right arm.


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