Chins with Attitude

It’s been a long day, but I think I managed to keep my chin up and my sense of humour intact. Of course, it helped that I knew that I didn’t have to wake up early or go to work tomorrow! Still, I worked the most demanding position and I put away roughly a hundred boxes of frozen/refrigerated stock. By the time I was finished work, I was completely wiped out. I tried to have a little nap before going to the gym, but it really didn’t happen; however, the simple act of laying down and closing my eyes for 20 minutes seemed to help…that and a cup of coffee.

1a. sumo deadlifts

95 x 8, 135 x 5, 165 x 5, chalked up for 195 x 5 still double overhand grip!

mixed grip for 215 x 3, 235 x 1, 245 x 1

1b. 3 sets of 5 broad jumps with a wider stance…my natural jumping stance is much narrower, so this felt weird

2 sets of 20 second planks with a 35 pound plate on my lower back

2. sumo block pulls with straps

215 x 4, 235 x 3, 245 x 2, 265 x 1, 235 x 2…should have been another rep or two but it just wasn’t going to move. Michael made a joke about me being a powerlifter, able to lift heavy singles but struggling on the rep work. 215 x 5

3a. front squats

95 x 5, 135 x 5…to be honest, this felt a little heavy today, so as much as I don’t like to drop the weight, we did

115 x 5 x 3 sets

3b. chin-ups with blue band

I wasn’t exactly thrilled when Michael said I’d be doing chins. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when he said we’d use the blue band. I might have made a face. Michael called it a ‘hissy fit’ face. Ha! When he said he thought I could do 3 sets of 5, I told him that sleep deprivation was making him overly optimistic, but I did them anyway and surprised myself by not dropping a rep! I’m not sure that I’ve ever managed that before.


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