Weak Wednesdays

Ah, Wednesdays! These are the days when I feel the weakest, when I look forward to my training session with a generous sprinkling of dread. Wednesdays are usually upper body days…not my favourite of training days but important and necessary and I am determined to be better.

1a. inverted TRX rows with legs straight out (that’s a first!)

x 5, x 4 because Michael wouldn’t count the last rep since I didn’t get up as far as he wanted me to, x 4, x 4, x 4, x 4, x 4 plus 5 or 6 more using my legs

1b. overhead press (my nemesis but I will overcome!)

43 lbs x 6, switch bars to 35 lbs x 6…my form sucks. Michael had me do a few reps using a dowel, and my form was so much better, even without leaning back, tucking my chin, or expanding my chest. What does that mean? I’m afraid of the bar hitting my face. I didn’t think I was afraid of the bar, but it makes sense, I guess. It’s funny how easily I could recognize the truth in Michael’s statement, even though I would have denied it before I tried the dowel.

Back to the 43 lb bar x 4 and Michael recognized that another limiting factor is where I hold the bar before beginning. I have always held the bar right up near my clavicle, which meant I did have to worry about getting the bar past my chin. So, we tried holding the bar a bit lower, and it made a difference!

53 lbs x 4 need to remember to pull my head through! 53 x 3

2. kettle bell presses

10kg x 6

Then Michael lined up several pairs of kettle bells, increasing by 2kg increments from 6kg to 12kg, for a little something called, “running the kettle bells”. Leaving one rep in the tank, do as many reps as possible and work my way down the line. Oh boy!

12kg x 5 and 3/4…we thought I had a 6th rep but lockout wasn’t happening, 10kg x 6, 8kg x 5, 6kg x 4

There’s nothing quite like using the smallest weights at a point when you feel the most fatigued to make you feel incredibly weak!

3a. dead stop single arm dumbbell rows

40 lbs x 10, x 11, x 12

To be honest, when Michael was loading up the dumbbell, I thought he was being overly optimistic about what I was capable of at this point in my session, however, this really wasn’t as difficult as I expected.

3b. dips using blue band

x 8, x 6, x 7

4a. dumbbell preacher curls

15 lbs x 10

15 lbs x 3 with my wrists bent back (which I expected Michael to tell me to the first set!), x 3 with wrists normal, then 3 standing, although I had to tell my biceps to finish the last rep.

4b. diamond push-ups

Ha ha! Yeah, no. I assumed the position, lowered myself and went straight to the floor. Maybe if I were to do these at the beginning of my session when I’m fresh…

So, Michael had me do some Spider-man push-ups instead…from my knees.

x 3 each side, x 4 or 5 each side…really can’t remember! I just might have told Michael that these felt like death, but I’d kind of like to do these some more without needing to be on my knees.

Still, I’m glad that Friday is deadlifts and front squats!


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