The Ebenezer Stone

“Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” 1 Samuel 7:12

I have loved this little passage of scripture for a very long time. It’s nothing amazing really, but I decided eons ago that a good book title could come from this passage, if I were ever skilled enough to write a book.

As much as I have been quite intentional about not thinking too much about my impending interview, the closer it gets the more I must think about it. I hate being unprepared for anything!

It very much feels like I am at a point in this journey where I should take up a stone, set it down and name it Ebenezer. The past few years have been amazing, even if it all feels rather ordinary to me. Perhaps like art and beauty, inspiration is found in the eye of the beholder rather than the one supposedly doing the inspiring. Do I think my story is inspiring? Not really, but I am beginning to at least accept that others may see my story differently.

My journey hasn’t been by accident. It wasn’t a fluke of nature. Even when I couldn’t see it or understand it, there has been purpose and intent behind every little detail that has pushed or dragged me to this place. I believe this whole-heartedly, even when I can’t see the forest for the trees.

This interview, as much as it terrifies me, is incredibly amazing. If I were to see my story played out by someone else, I would be inspired, motivated and challenged. I would be swiping away tears, afraid that my family would see and mock them. I have watched inspirational stories in all shapes and forms, and I have been moved by each one. I don’t see my story as being on par with those, but maybe those people feel the same way about their own story.


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