Upper Body

I like to believe that I enjoy a healthy balance between routine and flying by the seat of my pants. While there are times when I certainly do like the freedom to do as I please when I please, a change to my established routines can really mess with my head. One part of my routine is a Wednesday morning training session, but I had to go in to work for a few hours this morning…on my day off. Now that was a disruption to my sense of order! The entire day has seemed slightly off, and I expect that there will be ripples of that disorder reaching into tomorrow.

Since I could not train this morning, I trained this evening.

1a. single arm kettle bell presses

8kg x 10 each arm, x 10 each, x 10 each

10kg x 8 each arm

1b. chin-ups with small green band:

underhand grip: x 8, x 8

overhand grip: x 5, obviously weaker with that grip so we added a red band as well x 7

2a. bottoms up kettle bell presses

8kg x 5 each arm, x 3 left arm + 5 right arm

2b. behind the neck presses

Since this is something new and the lightest barbell Michael has is 35 pounds, he had me use a wooden dowel with dumbbells hanging from small bands on each end.

5 lb dumbbells x 20

8 lb dumbbells x 17, x 15, x 15

2c. barbell rows

65 lb x 12, x 12, x 11, x 7

3a. triceps press down with my elbows away from my body

30 lb x 15

35 lb x 12, x 7, x 8

3b. barbell curls

45 lb x 3…so weak I am!

35 lb x 8, x 8, x 8, x 4 or 5

Michael kept telling me to keep my shoulders back and down, particularly the left which had a tendency to turn inward. With my left shoulder fully back, it was virtually impossible for me to curl the bar. My bicep just wouldn’t contract.

Upper body stuff makes me feel so weak, but at least my arms feel super pumped by the end of my session!


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