Dreaming & Doing


I forgot to mention my competition placing in yesterday’s recap. I finished 1st for my age/weight class for full power and 1st for my age/weight class in the military press. The medals are quite nice and I will proudly hang one in my living room next to my other powerlifting medals, but the medals are just icing on the cake. It isn’t all that difficult to win a medal when you are the only competitor in your age/weight class! So I knew that I would win for full power as long as I didn’t bomb out of an event. However, the military press “win” took me by surprise, because I was so focused on the main events that I “forgot” that the military press is also broken down by classes. In my brain I was thinking that there were only 3 women doing the military press. I suck at the military press, so I was going to finish in third place. That’s what I was thinking and I was fine with it. But that isn’t how it works and I claimed first. I guess it is a good thing that I didn’t bomb out!

Honestly, of more importance to me than the medals was breaking my own National records and achieving new personal bests in each of the three main lifts. That is where the hard work in the gym shows its worth. I want to keep getting better and stronger.


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