2 Days

If I were an average woman I would probably be offended if a man asked me how much I weighed at any given moment. A couple of years ago, I would have been embarrassed to answer that question, but now it is a question that I hear from my trainer on a regular basis, especially as a competition draws near. So I wasn’t surprised to receive a text from Michael today asking how much I weighed this morning. I think things are looking good, but I probably won’t really relax until weigh-in has been done.

Although today was a regular day off for me, I felt incredibly bored and out-of-sorts. I did most of my housework yesterday, so there was nothing that had to be done today. The water-loading continued today, so I didn’t want to venture out of the house more than absolutely necessary. I’ve been well acquainted with my bathroom today. Since I’ve had so much water to drink, I didn’t have a cup of coffee this morning, and I was drooping by mid-afternoon. I sort of napped for 15 minutes. I watched the end of a documentary on boxing and part of a baseball game. I did some reading. I packed my gym bag. Surfed Facebook. Drank water. Lots of water.

I did go for coffee this afternoon with my best friend. It was so nice to catch up with her…and enjoy a cup of coffee before going back to my water.


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