6 Days

Excuse me while I blog and eat my dinner at the same time! It kind of feels like I am talking with my mouth full of food, but really I’m just hoping that eating distracted will help me to forget just how much food I have to consume with this meal. I am a little short of the required carbs today, so I need to eat every bit of my dinner just to be reasonably close to the magic number. Two and a half cups of rice, 4 ounces of chicken and a bunch of veggies quickly stir-fried together with a bit of coconut oil, garlic, ginger and Bragg’s. Only a few bites in and I’m already feeling full. Actually, I wasn’t even feeling hungry to begin with! It is somewhat early to be having dinner, but since I go to bed at 7:00 on Sundays, I figure that the early start will give me lots of time to shovel it all in.

It feels counterintuitive to be consuming the same amount of food at the same time that I want to lose a few pounds. Trusting my trainer. Trusting my trainer. Trusting my trainer! But I am looking forward to Friday night when what I eat or how much I eat no longer matters quite so much.


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