The Depth of a Squat

I am only at the beginning of the second week of my current peaking program, but I think I rather like it. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about doing each lift only once a week, but so far I don’t seem to mind at all.

I am still fighting with a cold, but it is really more of a nuisance than actually feeling unwell. My nose is stuffy and my throat is still froggy with an occasional cough, but I feel perfectly fine otherwise. I’ve been sleeping really well, eating well, taking my oil of oregano and such…guess it will run its course eventually.

Today was all about the squat.

1. squats-lower bar position

45 x 8, 95 x 5, 135 x 5 all beltless, good depth and speed

with belt: 155 x 3, 175 x 2, 190 x 1

205 x 1

I went into this squat with a small measure of fear. While I knew that I had the strength to do this easily enough, I so seldom get to this much weight in training that my head feels a touch of doubt. That touch of fear is probably a good thing.

Michael took video of my 205 attempts. The plan was to do one single at that weight and then back down for some reps. It felt like I nailed that squat. The bar path felt great, and it felt fast, faster than my 195 pound single last week. But then Michael reviewed the video. My depth was questionable. Only parallel. If I wasn’t competing, he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, but I am competing and making depth is of the utmost importance. It could be the difference between ‘three white lights’ and a failed lift. I don’t mind one iota that Michael nitpicks on my depth!

He asked if I wanted to do it again. Oh yes! If he hadn’t asked me, I was just about to ask him if I could have another go at it.

205 x 1

Depth was better this time but I pitched forward a bit. Since technique is important, Michael let me try one more single.

205 x 1

It wasn’t perfect, but it was okay. There might have been more forward movement on this rep.

175 x 5

I had a couple of depth issues in this set. Maybe I am subconsciously trying to protect my hip? I don’t normally have so many issues hitting depth.

175 x 5

This set was much better for depth.

2. ab wheel

x 10 going out further and not coming back in too far to keep tension. I didn’t expect to be able to do 10 reps like that, and it kind of sounded like Michael didn’t expect me to do that many either. I won’t lie…it sucked.

x 8 going out even further. How is that even possible? But I did have some discomfort in my back from changing the position of my pelvis to pull myself back in.

x 6? going out not quite so far so that I could keep my pelvis tucked properly. I definitely felt my abs working harder this set!

So I had some depth issues today, but the squats still felt really good.


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