Seek the Peak

I had been looking forward to my training session all day for two reasons. The first being quite simply that I was excited to begin my peaking program for competition, and secondly, my hip usually doesn’t bother me when I am training. The hip is bothered when I sit, when I lie down, and when I am at work, standing and walking and bending, which doesn’t leave me a lot of options to enjoy a happy hip.

With the start of my peaking program, my routine has been changed up. It seems like I’m not doing very much, but what I’m doing is working for a specific purpose. Mondays will be squats, Wednesdays will be bench press, and deadlifts will be on Fridays.

1. squats-low bar

45 x 8, 95 x 5, 135 x 5 all beltless

with belt: 155 x 2, 175 x 1, 185 x 1, 195 x 1

2 sets of 8 @ 165

2a. toes to bar x 11 PR, x 6, x 6

2b. pause squats without belt

140 x 3 with a 3 second pause…Michael said he would pass my depth but that I needed to be deeper on the next set.

140 x 3 with a 3 second pause…My depth was good for these ones, but the right hip was unhappy hanging out there at the bottom of the squat. It felt pinched and tight, and I left the gym with it feeling sore, which is not how I am used to leaving the gym. I’m not really sure if the aggravation came from the flexion doing the toes to bar or the deeper pause or the combination of the two being done back-to-back.

I did do a better job of breathing in through my nose before each squat. On my 195 pound single I forgot what I was doing and inhaled through my mouth. The squat was still okay though. Most of my squats had good speed. I went a little too deep on the seventh rep of the last set of 8, which made that rep feel difficult, but I regrouped and hit a better depth for the final rep.

Michael also threw some numbers out there, kind of a general idea of where we’d like to be at the competition, although nothing is ever set in stone. Everything ultimately depends on how I’m feeling on that day. I could do less. I could do more. Of course, more is better, but I also want to be smart. So, we’re aiming for 235 pounds for squat, 135 for bench, and 285 for deadlift. I want a total over 600 pounds, but I could do that even if my numbers were a little bit less. I’d be very happy with a total over 640!


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