Keeping My Chin Up

I finally managed to have a decent sleep last night for the first time in at least a week or more. At one point I had a dream that I was digging in my yard and discovered potatoes. Lots and lots of potatoes. I don’t have a garden, not even in my dream, so finding potatoes was most unexpected. Maybe all these extra carbs are playing with my head.

The hip was not happy at work yesterday, but it settled down later in the day which likely helped me sleep better last night. It was still feeling not too bad this morning when I had my training session, but now it is positively in pain and I didn’t even do anything in the gym to annoy it. Today was all upper body.

1a. chin-ups using small green band

x 7, x 6, x 7, x 7

When Michael said that I’d be doing chins first this morning, I got a little excited. Typically he has me do chins after my arms get fatigued from other things, so it was kind of nice to have fresh arms. I don’t think I’ve managed such “high” reps on chins for a while! I could have ground out a couple more reps each set, but I was told to leave two in the tank.

1b. overhead press

43 x 6, 58 x 6, 58 x 5, 53 x 6

My overhead press feels about as natural as an elephant doing ballet, but I think these were a bit easier today than they were the last week.

2a. chest-supported barbell rows

75 x 15, 85 x 10, 95 x 9, 85 x 10, 85 x 12

The first set wasn’t too bad. The second set felt tough. The third set was really tough. Michael did some kind of strange math to compare last week’s to this week’s and came up with a number that I had to equal or better. I don’t understand it. I just obey my master. He told me that I needed to get 11 reps on that last set, so I did 12.

2b. dumbbell presses on a slight incline (the same incline as my rows)

25 pounds x 15, 29 x 11, 29 x 10, 29 x 12

I didn’t even flinch when Michael said to start with the 25 pound dumbbells. When it comes to pressing, those things don’t scare me anymore! Even the 29 pounders weren’t really too bad. Apparently incline presses are supposed to be harder than pressing flat, but I’m not sure I noticed a difference. Maybe with more of an incline?

On Friday we will discuss my peaking program for the next competition which is less than 7 weeks away. I’m excited and looking forward to the competition…and the program!

But first tomorrow I will go see my chiropractor, although he will likely be more appropriately called my torturer extraordinaire. I’m planning on bringing some donuts with me. While I doubt my offering will soften the torture I know I will experience, maybe he will take less joy in the torture.


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