The Unhappy Hip

Yesterday morning I received a text from my chiropractor asking how my hip was doing. I had to take a few minutes to think about how to respond. My hip was not in as bad shape as it was last Monday, but it wasn’t normal yet. I said it was getting better. Shortly after sending my response, I was sitting in church, listening to the sermon and feeling a thousand little deaths of pain from the backside of my hip. My hip does not like sitting or laying down. Today, at work, the front of my hip hated every single minute of standing and walking and moving the way that I must in the course of a work day. While last week I had absolutely no regrets over running that 5K and winding up with this painful hip, today I was ready to swear off running forever. I went so far as to fire off a text to my trainer and my chiropractor giving them permission to smack me if I should ever mention a desire to go running again. But you know what is pathetically sad? As much as I tell myself that running isn’t worth this pain, I’m still kind of looking forward to the day that I can run again.

1a. squats-low bar

warm-up: 45 x 8, 95 x 5, grab the belt…135 x 4, 155 x 2, 175 x 1

main event: 5 sets of 5 @ 180 pounds

Some of my reps were a little shaky. Michael kind of threw me off in the middle of the second set of 5 by telling me to change my air intake. Instead of taking a deep breath through my mouth, he wanted me to use my nose. It was definitely an adjustment, but I think it got a bit easier on subsequent sets. I certainly felt it made a difference in a good way for the first rep or two of the set. After that…well, I was fighting to finish my reps and keep decent form. Breathing becomes a little more problematic at that point anyway.

I had seriously contemplated wearing a t-shirt to the gym today, knowing that I would be squatting and knowing that I’d be working hard; however, it was so hot that I opted to wear a tank top instead. As it was I was sweating a lot, but a t-shirt would still be a better idea. While I don’t think I had much of an issue with the bar slipping on my shoulders, I know that the potential is there.

1b. bench press-wide grip

warm-up: 43 x 8, 75 x 5, 90 x 5

main event: 5 sets of 5 @ 93 pounds which is a PR for volume

I’m quite happy with my bench. It really blows my mind how good the wider grip is feeling, as it used to make me feel incredibly weak and it just felt difficult and awkward. Not so anymore! There were probably a rep here and there that wasn’t perfect, but generally these were good, solid, and with decent speed.

And I am quite relieved that my sore, bruised elbow wasn’t really a factor this afternoon. Somehow I walked into the edge of my son’s bedroom door with my elbow. I’m not even sure why my arm was raised and bent the way it was, but I may as well have been holding a bar in the rack position when I walked into the door. I hit the funny bone spot, which really wasn’t funny at all, although my son thought it was hilarious. There is some bruising, and it is tender. How do I do these things?

Of course, the hip is still a bother. I expect that tonight will be another night of tossing and turning and sleeping most ineffectively. <sigh> Really? Was it worth it to run a 5K and break my own personal best time? Absolutely! I suspect that I’ll get smacked a few times before I learn my lesson.


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