Not So Hiptastic

It almost doesn’t feel like I ran an amazing personal best 5K yesterday, but my hip doesn’t lie. While the rest of me feels good, my right hip has been nasty to me all day. I’m fairly certain that I was limping at work at various points throughout the day, and there was a lot of throbbing and pain. The hip was bad enough that I made a call to my chiropractor’s office to see if I could get in sometime this week…I got in this afternoon. As much as I love my chiropractor, I really wasn’t happy about going to see him today, because, a) it would mean admitting just how much my hip is bothering me, and b) I knew that he would inflict a lot more pain.

To say that I underwent torture this afternoon would not be much of a stretch. At one point he even brought a towel in for me to use. He said it was to help with an exercise, but I think he was really hoping to make me cry. He threw a lot at my hip, including a lacrosse ball & kettle bell and voodoo floss. So much fun! Of course, I left with instructions to inflict such torture on myself at home. I can hardly contain my excitement!

From that appointment I went straight to the gym for my training session. Naturally, one of the first things Michael asked me was how my hip was doing. “Don’t ask!” I said, although I proceeded to tell him anyway.

With the run behind me now, it is time to get ready for the powerlifting competition. The plan is to do 5 x 5’s for the next several weeks with a weight increase each week. Right now the plan is to increase the weight by 10 pounds, and I get to wear my belt again. I haven’t even removed my belt from my gym bag since the last competition. In fact, the logo is still covered up with black duct tape, since my belt manufacturer wasn’t on the “approved” list.

1a. squats-low bar

95 x 5, 115 x 3, grab the belt for the rest of my squatting session 135 x 3, 155 x 3

5 sets of 5 @ 175 pounds

The warm-up sets got easier and felt lighter as I moved up with the weight. That first set, which should have felt super easy, actually felt the most difficult of the warm-ups. My hip wasn’t painful, but it didn’t feel very good. Thankfully, the hip seemed to warm-up quickly and settled into a sense of ease. The 5 x 5 sets were tougher. I knew I could get the job done, and they were still easier than the sets of 8 I was doing before. Still, I was feeling some fatigue.

1b. bench press-wider grip

45 x 10, 70 x 5

1 set of 5 @ 85, 4 sets of 5 @ 90

The wider grip is feeling more comfortable all the time. I ran into a bit of trouble in one set, because I didn’t keep my elbows properly aligned; however, I recovered on the next rep and the following sets were better.

2. hanging leg raises, or more appropriately, toes to the bar

x 10!!!! Okay, so the final two reps had only one foot touch the bar, but I’m claiming those reps for a new PR.

x 2 or 3 because my grip just wasn’t going to hold out, so then I had to do some actual hanging leg raises for 10 reps

Apparently I had some attitude with those leg raises, or so Michael said. He’s probably right. But it was only a little bit of attitude.

Then I did one set of reverse hypers just because my lower back is still sore from Friday.


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