Fresh Legs, Tired Arms

According to my sleep app, I slept exceptionally well last night, like 100% sleep quality, which surprised me just a little, because it certainly didn’t seem like such an awesome night. I tossed and turned for a while upon going to bed, because my right hip was positively throbbing. There hasn’t been throbbing like that for months. Then there were just bizarre dreams. I am used to having strange dreams, but I don’t always wake up feeling well-rested after such a night.

My quads are quite sore after Monday’s squats, even with the slightly lower weights. While it wasn’t exactly part of the plan, Michael is essentially giving me a bit of a de-load this week since I am running a 5K on Sunday, and I am not going to complain one bit! Once the 5K is out-of-the-way then it will be hard work and focus on the July powerlifting competition.

1a. overhead press

43 pounds x 8, 53 x 6

I did those first two sets with my grip set a little wider, similar to my most recent bench grip. The first set felt okay, while the second set was a little bit tougher. Michael had me do a single rep at the wider grip and then a single rep using a narrow grip. Both moved fairly fast, but the narrow rep certainly felt easier. So…

53 x 6, 53 x 6, 53 x 6 all with a narrow grip

1b. chin-ups using a blue band

x 6, x 6, x 5,

x 4 and then 8 supine rows

10 supine rows

2a. TRX T’s & rows

3 sets of 8 T’s and 25 rows

The left wrist and forearm felt quite strained and shaky through the last half of each set of rows.

2b. muscle snatch

I’ve never done these before, so it was exciting to try something new, even though it can be a little frustrating to get the hang of new movements.

35 pound bar x 6ish

The left shoulder had moments of feeling not so great during that first set, so we did some stretching before moving on.

35 pounds x 8

This set felt better on my shoulder and in the movement.

Graduated to a 43 pound bar for the final set of 6. This set felt tougher than the second, although I think it was a fatigue thing more than the increase in weight.

2c. hanging leg raises

2 sets of 8 toe touches

20 flies with 10 pound dumbbells

20 dumbbell curls with wrists back using 10 pound dumbbells

Then I put gas in my car and picked up a few groceries, came home and changed into running clothes and shoes for my last run before the 5K on Sunday.

I didn’t set out to run a blistering pace. I wasn’t even really sure how far I was going to go, wavering between wanting to do 4K and feeling like 3.5 would be more than enough. My running app’s voice signaled the end of the first kilometre, telling me that I had run it in 5:53. I was pleasantly surprised, because I don’t often run a kilometre faster than 6 minutes, and I haven’t done that for a long time. And with that pace, my fate was sealed.

For good or bad, when it comes to success, I am like a shark scenting a drop of blood in the water. Give me an inch of success, and I’ll want two. Lift something heavy once, I’ll want to do it for multiple reps. Run a fast split once, I’ll step on the gas to do it again. As a run progresses and I realize that I am in a position to better my best time, I will lay it all out there to get the job done.

Unfortunately, although my legs were primed to run well today, my lungs were not. The first kilometre was actually pretty good, but the last half of the second was done by determination alone. It was worth it though, and I ran it in under 6 minutes. The rest of the run was torture. The legs were fine. My lungs were dying. A second wind usually arrives shortly after the midway point, but it failed to materialize today. I think I used it all to get those 2 sub-6 minute kilometres. Thankfully my feet heard my whimpering and kept to the flat route. I might have died on that hill.

One more run. 5 kilometres. Sunday.


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