Lower & Wider

I wasn’t as tired as I expected to be this morning, but I still wasn’t excited about waking up at 3:15. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone being excited about that! I’ve had the past two Mondays off work, so it felt a little strange to be doing the work thing today. Monday work days used to be not so bad, but today didn’t start out very well. Three people called in sick. Time inched forward at a snail’s pace. Mondays usually go quite quickly but not today. Despite the shortage of staff and the illusion of time standing still, today actually turned out to be an okay day. It certainly could have been much worse.

1a. squats

43 x 5, 93 x 5, 113 x 3, 133 x 5, 153 x 5, 153 x 8, 160 x 8

Squats were pretty good today. These were all beltless and without knee sleeves. I cannot wear the sleeves in my next competition, so now I need to get used to squatting without them. The knees felt good today. The left knee was hurting a bit for the last half-kilometre of Saturday’s run, nothing too bad yet, but there was a brief moment of similar knee pain yesterday morning. I’ve also been having sporadic pain in my left foot which is possibly connected to the knee pain. Michael would say that this is from running, and maybe he is right. I normally wear orthotics while working and when running, but I haven’t been putting the orthotics in my running shoes since I began running again recently. So, I think the foot pain is either due to the lack of orthotics or the fact that I bruised the side of my foot last week, but it is probably the orthotics. Only a little bit of running left before I will take a running break again…but Michael did lower my weight a bit today in consideration of my race on Sunday. As much as I don’t like to back down, I was not about to complain!

These squats were also slightly lower than they have been since I started doing a lower bar position! I don’t think I was intentionally trying to move the bar even lower, but Michael noticed that the bar was indeed a bit lower. It felt okay though, and it still isn’t crazy low. This is probably as low as it is going to get for me.

Once again I frequently felt like I was squatting very deep and I would consciously make the effort to limit my depth on subsequent reps. I don’t think the extra depth is taking anything away from my squat, at least I don’t think so, but I’m being a little cautious with my right hip. It isn’t that I am worried about my hip giving out or anything, but I just want to keep the hip at a mere nuisance rather than a full-blown pain.

1b. bench press

45 x 8, 65 x 5, 85 x 5, 100 x 3, 100 x 3, 100 x 3, 85 x 8

The squat position was lower, and my bench grip was even wider, about 4″ from the inner edge of the knurling instead of 2″. The first three sets felt okay, although there was a bit of an adjustment to the new bar path. The first two reps at 100 pounds felt heavy, but the third rep of the first set was fast.

2a. asymmetrical Bulgarian split squats (holding a kettle bell up against my shoulder/chest  on the same side as the leg extended back)

16kg x 8 each leg, x 8 each

2b. dumbbell incline press with fat grips (not a fan of the fat grips)

25 pounds x 8

25 pounds x 7, 20 second rest and then I had to do push-ups. I was a little doubtful and had to ask if he meant push-up as in on the floor. I might have even said that Michael was being mean, but I assumed the position. I did two proper push-ups, then Michael said I could drop to my knees for another 8 reps.

2c. half-kneeling Pallof press using a band

x 10ish  each side, x 15 eac


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