Crazy, Tired, Sore

Yes, I think I am verifiably crazy. I just looked at the temperature outside, and it is 29 degrees Celsius. I went for a run in that heat. I had less than 6 hours of sleep last night, and I didn’t sleep very well. I have been up since 4:00 this morning and worked until roughly 1:30 this afternoon. Multiple body parts are in varying stages of being stiff and sore. Despite all that I still went for a run almost as soon as I got home from work.

Before I even set out on my run, I was thinking about doing a 4 kilometre run, but I changed my mind before I was halfway through the first kilometre. Once again my feet had a mind of their own. Even though my head was saying “go this way and only do 3 kilometres”, my feet went the opposite direction as if to run my 4K route. Thankfully, there is a back-door exit to escape that 4K route a bit early, and I was able to convince my feet to take it. I did, however, fail to convince my feet to take the flat way home instead of the hilly route.

The first kilometre wasn’t too bad. The second and third kilometres were almost brutal. There was the now familiar burning sensation right below the right side of my ribcage, but I think my lungs were actually handling the exertion rather well. My breathing felt controlled and even for most of the run. I think I breathe heavier doing high rep sets of squats and deadlifts than I did running today. Yeah, my endurance is coming back! However, my legs didn’t feel like legs at all. I know what it feels like now to run on stumps!

One more week until the 5K. I guess that means I have one, possibly two short runs left before the race, and then I will be putting my running shoes back in the closet for a while.


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