Deadlift of Choice

Once again I am up past my bedtime, but it was for a worthwhile cause. Today is a good friend’s birthday, and I was able to enjoy a lovely dinner out. I think nearly 26 years of friendship is worth losing a couple of hours of sleep.

1a. deadllifts

Michael gave me a choice today! I could do sumo, deficit or snatch grip deadlifts, and I chose snatch grip because I hadn’t done snatch grip for a while. In fact, it has been nearly 2 months since I last did them. I remember that they really worked my upper back, so I guess I should expect to feel some soreness there over the few days.

95 pounds x 6, 125 x 6

with straps: 145 x 6, 165 x 6, 195 x 6

Looking back in my training journal to the last time I did snatch grip deadlifts, I see that I put a question mark beside the weight. I guess I wasn’t sure of what the weight actually was, but I think it was 155 pounds. It certainly wouldn’t have been much more than that, definitely not 195, which means that today’s final set was a PR for snatch grip.

1b. incline barbell press

I have never done an incline barbell press before, but it wasn’t too bad. There was definitely a small learning curve to find the proper bar path. Lifting the bar off the rack felt a little awkward.

45 pounds x 6, 65 x 7, 65 x 8 all with my grip about 2 inches from the inner edge of the knurling (my new normal). My weak triceps were exposed here. I was supposed to get 8 reps on that second set, but I hit a wall and could not finish that final rep. Michael didn’t think I was at the failure point, and I hadn’t thought so either…it just came out of nowhere.

Then Michael had me do one rep @ 65 with an even wider grip, like about another 2 inches further from the inner edge of the knurling, and then one rep with my old narrow grip right on the edge of the knurling. Both actually felt kind of good and fairly fast. I was surprised by how solid the extra wide grip felt, because that has never felt like a good position for me before.

65 x 5, 55 x 5, 55 x 10 all with the extra wide grip

2a. prone incline rows with the bench up on blocks, etc. or whatever you want to call it!

95 pounds x 8, x 9, x 8 with a little bit of help the last few reps

This is a bit of a funny one, because I cannot grab the bar with both hands with the way the bench is elevated. When the weight is reasonably light, I can kind of use my fingertips to hook the bar and sort of toss it upwards in order to catch it and better my grip; however that isn’t possible with 95 pounds on the bar. So, I’d grab hold with one hand, then Michael would lift the other end of the bar up so I could grab hold with the other hand. On that last set, when I felt as if I couldn’t keep going, he helped me raise one side of the bar. Okay, so if it was a competition event then it wouldn’t count, but Michael said he’d give me those reps! I’ll take them!

2b. glute-ham raises

x 15

The first set was super easy, so Michael had me put my hands behind my head and tighten my upper back on the descent for the next two sets.

x 8ish, x 10

2c. V-sit

I think I managed 4 or 5 reps, but raising my legs in that way bothered my right hip. Scratch the v-sit and back to the ab wheel.

x 10, x 8, x 8


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