Calves, Triceps & A Hip

Yesterday the calves were sore. They feel okay today, but then again I haven’t done anything more strenuous than casual walking. My trainer thinks my calves were sore from my run on Thursday. As much as I would like to disagree with him, I can’t. There really isn’t a reason for those muscles to be sore from anything I’ve done in training lately, while I hadn’t run for three months. Hopefully the running muscle memory settles in quickly, because my running days are going to be over almost before they begin. The 5K is two weeks away!

While the calves feel good today, my triceps are feeling some pain. They will survive. I might just whimper when I lift my arms overhead today.

What bothers me most of all is my right hip. This is the same hip that became an issue late in my marathon training last fall and caused me to withdraw from that race. It has been good for a long time, however, it has begun to feel a little tight on occasion. I guess I first noticed the tightness a few weeks prior to my powerlifting competition in April, but it wasn’t much of a concern. There wasn’t really pain, just that tight feeling, like something was bunched up when I was at the bottom of a squat. It’s been so minor, but maybe I’ve been willing it to be so. It was fine during yesterday’s run, but it feels a little more bothered today. Lifting my leg presents a small measure of discomfort, not really pain. Yet. <sigh> I can hear Michael already…

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