What Doesn’t Kill You

Last night, at least I think it was last night but it could have been early this morning, I noticed that my calves were beginning to feel sore. No, I’m pretty sure that was last night, because I remember rubbing some arnica onto one of my shins as I was getting ready for bed. By the time I was actually ready to go to bed, I was thinking that I should put some arnica on my calves, too, but I never did. The calves were still a little sore this morning but not too bad. I went through my work day as the ever-increasing post-deadlift day soreness settled into my muscles. Since I have only two weeks to get ready for the 5K, I decided to go for a little run after work this afternoon. It seemed like a good idea…

As I set out I thought that I may stretch the run to 3 kilometres, but that thought evaporated as quickly as a fine mist on a hot day. Those calves, which had been somewhat sore but not too bothersome all day, suddenly were the only thing on my mind. I wasn’t even half a kilometre into my run before the real challenge was to keep running when my leg muscles just wanted to stop, like NOW! The legs started burning as I neared the end of the first kilometre, and I really just wanted to die. Somehow I kept my feet moving, thinking ahead to that traffic light where I could turn left to take the flat route home. Somehow my feet ignored the ache right below my ribcage and the soreness in my calves and kept going to take the hilly route home.

For sure I thought I would die on that hill. It really isn’t much of a hill, but it packs quite the punch, especially when I’m out of practice. I made it up the hill, although I was a little slower and my legs definitely felt like dead wood. I might have grumbled at my feet for making me run the hill.

“Seriously feet! Don’t you remember that we did deadlifts and squats yesterday?”

Last year, I was used to alternating runs with my training days, but I am not used to that anymore. It wasn’t an easy run, but it didn’t kill me. I guess that means it will make me stronger. Or faster.


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