Squatting Into the Safety

It’s past my bedtime again. My husband would tell me that I don’t need to blog, that I should just go to bed, and I would respond by saying that I do need to blog and I will get to bed when I get to bed. I only go to bed early because I work early in the morning and I know the value of sleep, but I am a night owl by nature. It isn’t always easy to shut the brain off in order to get to sleep early, and this is one of those instances. I’ve been out of the house since shortly after 2:00 this afternoon and only got back home just after 8:00 pm. I had a chiropractor appointment (my neck is so happy now!), picked up some library books, had my training session, and then had a meeting (which thankfully included dinner). Now that I am finally back home, I need to decompress before I could ever hope to fall asleep. I want to blog about my training session while it is still reasonably fresh in my mind. I need to connect with my kids and my husband. I need to consume a wee bit more carbs and my omega-3s and vitamin Es. When I get home after being out and busy, my actual exhaustion level really doesn’t matter…the night owl ruffles her feathers and does not want to settle back down. Thankfully, tomorrow is my Friday. It won’t matter how tired I am when I wake up from too few hours of sleep, because there will be coffee and I will make it through the day.

Because of my afternoon of running around, I didn’t get to have my traditional pre-workout cup of coffee. I missed that cup of coffee. I might have felt a little sluggish at points throughout my session, but the lack of caffeine certainly didn’t hinder my ability.

1. squats-lower bar, beltless

45 x 8, 95 x 8, 115 x 8, 135 x 8, at this point Michael raised the safeties on the squat rack which is only relevant because of the next set @ 160 pounds…as I squatted down for the third rep, the bar hit the safeties (or at least the right side safety). I racked the bar, we moved the safeties back down, and I finished the final 5 reps of my set. For some reason I was suddenly squatting quite deep, obviously deeper than I had been before I hit the safeties. All of the previous squats felt really, really good until I hit the safeties. Finishing those 5 reps right after re-setting the safeties felt tough, but I wonder how much of that was psychological and how much was actually physical. I’m sure that there was some physical disadvantage to a jarring disruption and quick reset. In the same way, I was more than likely a little rattled and immediately assailed by some doubt. But I survived.

I finished off my squats with 2 sets of 8 @ 170 pounds, and that is definitely a new PR for reps at that weight.

2a. bench press

43 x 8, 63 x 8, 83 x 8, 85 x 8

Just as the squats felt really good today, so did the bench press! Since the last competition, Michael has been having me use a slightly wider grip from what I have traditionally used. My normal grip is rather narrow, right on the edge of the knurling, so I’ve moved it out about an inch, inch and a half or so. That grip doesn’t always feel very strong, but today it sure did.

2b. face pulls with external rotation using an orange band

3 sets of 15

2c. glute-ham raises, set just a tad closer than normal to make it just a bit more difficult

x 12, a fellow trainee said to make it harder for me so Michael had me use an orange band on the bottom…I got 5 reps with the band and another 5 without it, the last set was 4 with the band and 4 without. That was definitely harder!

And in other news, Michael said that I can increase my carbs some more. I’m having a heck of a time gaining weight, so more carbs for me. Yippee. 😦


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