Deadlifts & Delts

I think it will be a very, very long time before my trainer lets me forget about what I could have done on my third deadlift at last week’s competition. He gives me a hard time about it regularly, in good fun, and I really have no other option than to laugh along with him and accept it. Today he quipped about a potential t-shirt slogan along the lines of “You know it’s too easy when nobody cheers your third deadlift!” or something to that effect. I laughed. It’s so true!

My deadlift was a lesson in frustration for so long, that it feels quite remarkable to actually look forward to deadlift day now. Before this last competition, I approached deadlift day with fear and trepidation. My competition deadlifts were so easy and practically effortless, that I suddenly found my attitude completely flipped. Last week’s deadlifts felt really good, so I was excited to deadlift today. Let me tell you something…it’s a good thing we learned a few things about my deadlift from the competition!

Today’s deadlifts weren’t bad. They were probably still better than my pre-competition deadlifts, but they certainly felt tougher than last week’s and my competition lifts. I need to remember that my gym deadlifts are likely always going to be tougher than my competition deadlifts. I can put in the work. I can leave the gym with chewed up hands. I can feel frustrated that my deadlift still sucks and will always suck, but I can be confident that I can perform better on the platform. So, even though today didn’t feel quite as good as I had maybe hoped it would, I am not disappointed or frustrated. This isn’t where it counts.

1a. deadlifts

95 x 8, 135 x 5, 165 x 5, 195 x 3, 220 x 1, 220 x 1-all beltless

The 220 pounds felt heavy, definitely heavier than any of my lifts in competition! The second single was a little better than the first.

3 sets of 8 @ 185 touch & go, beltless

1b. military press

35 x 7, 45 x 6, 55 x 8, 55 x 8, 55 x 8, 55 x 7

3a. block pulls

185 x 8, 185 x 8 both with straps

I am going to have a nice bruise on my shin, not from any of the actual pulls, but rather from rolling the bar out of the way to put the block downs. A silly misjudgment as to where my leg was and how far the bar would roll but what’s another bruise anyway!

3b. side laterals (my favourite…NOT!)

10 lbs x 8, x 7 or 8 followed up by 8 L lateral raises

My left shoulder was making a lot of clunky noises with these today, even with ensuring that my shoulders were pulled back. The L lateral raises did not create any such noises.

3c. plate raises (another favourite)

10 lbs x 10, x 5

My left delt really does not like this exercise. It is burned out and fatigued so quickly.

3d. seated cable rows

80 x 8, 60 x 8, 50 x 8

80 x 7, 60 x 5?, 50 x 8

The first drop set felt tough enough, but the second set was so much worse. Can I blame it on having sore lats, pecs, triceps and abs from Monday?


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