In the Name of Holy Strength

My trainer has recommended that I make some modifications to my diet in the name of holy strength, or at least that is how he is telling me to look at it. The modifications are really quite moderate, as Michael also keeps pointing out to me, but I’ve been struggling to adapt just the same. All I need to do is increase my carbs by 50-75 grams, lower my protein to between 100-130 grams, and keep my fat around 60 grams. That doesn’t sound all that difficult, right?

Oh my goodness! It’s been easy enough to drop the protein and keep the fat around the appropriate level, but adding those few extra carbs has made me a little whiney. It feels like so much more than it actually is, and I’m already sick of forcing the extra food down my throat. I love oatmeal, but now I am trying not to gag before I am half-finished my bowl. I’ve increased my portions of rice or potatoes, but I am full well before I reach the end of my meal.

Michael pointed out to me last night that most people would have no problem eating 300 or more grams of carbs a day. I believe that whole-heartedly. I know it from my own personal experience when I was 30 pounds heavier and out of shape. But now, as much as I truly do love carbs, there is a limit to how much I can comfortably eat in one meal or even throughout the day. Naturally, I am talking about good carbs. I doubt that I would struggle quite so much to consume those extra carbs in the form of potato chips, poutine, gelato, donuts, cookies, or cheesecake!

Michael says that I need to visualize building new muscle with the extra calories. Carbs=growth and repair! And if those weren’t helpful enough then I should equate carbs to squats, or, in other words, moderation? Not!

After having lost 30 pounds, I cannot believe that I am agreeing to try to gain 3-5 pounds. If anyone other than Michael was telling me to gain some weight, I’d probably laugh and consider them an idiot. Michael is no idiot, and he hasn’t yet steered me in the wrong direction. So, I am repeating my new mantra…I trust my trainer. I trust my trainer. I trust my trainer! If gaining a few pounds will help me lift more weight in my next competition, then I guess I will chow down on the extra carbs.


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