A Disturbing Lack of Sleep

Last night, when I should have been sleeping but was instead wide awake, I realized that my next powerlifting competition was exactly three months away. Three months, thirteen weeks…so exciting!

While that realization was exciting, my struggle to fall asleep last night was extremely frustrating. I was so tired, wiped out, exhausted, and in need of a good night’s sleep. I finally dragged myself to bed at 10:00 and fell asleep almost instantly. My body has this bad habit of falling asleep quickly only to wake up 15-20 minutes later, and that is exactly what happened last night. Sometimes I can fall back asleep reasonably quickly but not always. Definitely not last night.

All of a sudden I was wide awake and unable to settle into a comfortable position. I tossed and turned and tried to will myself asleep. Melatonin failed me. Lavender oil failed me. My bladder failed me. Hmmm…that doesn’t sound right! Let me rephrase. My bladder kept tricking my brain into thinking that frequent trips to the bathroom were absolutely necessary. Oh the joys of being an “older” woman who has given birth to three children!

My usual tricks to make myself fall asleep all failed. Eventually, like more than two hours later, I finally drifted into some semblance of sleep, but it was not the most restful. Sleeping in until 7:00 was no longer a treat; it wasn’t nearly late enough!

I made it through most of the day, but my eyelids began to droop around 3:00 this afternoon. I grabbed myself an espresso when I dropped my daughter off at work at 4:00. My bedtime tonight is at 7:00. A hit of caffeine so close to bedtime might not be a good idea, but then again it might not hurt me at all! A nap, on the other hand, would definitely wreak havoc with my sleep.

Two more days of work…that’s all that I need to get through before my little holiday. Those two days will hardly even seem like work. Half of tomorrow’s shift will be spent baking, and Tuesday is my day to be in charge. Even if the days are crazy, those are going to be good days!


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