Saturday Scribblings

  • Last night I had thought that I might go for a walk, possibly a bit of a run after work today, despite the soreness in my legs.
  • Work was crazy busy. Like absolutely busy. Insanely busy. It started early and never really let up. Everybody and their dog wanted coffee, muffins, donuts and breakfast from our store.
  • This insanely busy day was on my day to run the floor and the one day that I really didn’t want to be an adult.
  • Of course, despite the craziness or maybe because of it, I loved almost every minute of it!
  • It was an exhausting day though. I’m always curious as to how many steps I take during a work day like that, because I am literally everywhere, doing everything.
  • By the time the working day was done, I no longer wanted to go for a walk or a run. I just wanted a cup of coffee, a hot bath, my pjs, some food, and a comfy chair to curl up in.
  • I’m looking forward to next Tuesday at 1:30 pm. That is when I will be finished work for the day and will begin 5 days off!
  • Not only will I have 5 days off, but I’m going away for a weekend ladies’ retreat. <sigh> I can hardly wait!
  • If I discover a new bruise on my thigh in the next day or two, this is my little reminder as to where it came from…walking into a stack of paper coffee cups jutting out from the front of the counter at work.
  • I’m always discovering random bruises, and I don’t always know where they came from.
  • The ones on the front of my shoulders are from yesterday’s front squats.

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