Deadlifts & Dumbbells

As I expected, my legs were sore yesterday and only got worse as the day progressed. My quads feel even worse this morning. Oh joy! It would be nice if all stairs only went up instead of down, but at least I have only a few steps to gingerly make my way down today. If I put off the laundry until tomorrow, then I can even save myself a few more trips down the stairs!

Despite the soreness, I was looking forward to my training session this morning. Deadlifts were on the agenda, and I was still looking forward to it! How odd! I haven’t felt this excited about doing deadlifts for a very long time, and I even knew that I’d be doing higher reps. Perhaps that super easy third competition deadlift finally knocked some sense into my self-confidence. The reason why doesn’t really matter, I guess, but I am sure glad to feel some joy in the deadlift again.


1. kettle bell arm bars 5 per side with 5 second holds using 8kg kettle bell
2. overhead shrugs using 45 lb bar for 20 reps
3. kettle bell swings 16kg for 3 sets of 15

The arm bars and shrugs have been prescribed to get my shoulders ready to work towards a low bar squat. Since my shoulder didn’t react well to the low bar the last few times I tried it, this is going to have to be a slow and easy progression, but I’m excited to be allowed to begin the process.

1. deadlifts

95 lbs x 6
135 x 6 touch & go from here on
4 sets of 8 @ 175

3 sets of 5 @ 135 with a pause just off the floor and a slightly wider grip

2. single arm dumbbell presses

15 lbs x 8, then with arm fully extended and shoulder rotated and packed walk 4 lengths of the room
20 lbs x 8, then 3 lengths
20 lbs x 8, then 3 lengths

The right arm was a little weaker today, likely residual from Monday’s session.

3. incline dumbbell presses

So I groaned just a little when Michael told me that these were up next.

20 lbs x 11

When Michael said I should use the 25 lb dumbbells for the next set, I might have groaned again. I expected them to feel heavy, but I surprised myself. Didn’t I say something the other day about trusting my trainer? Ha!

25 lbs x 11

4. push-ups

Trusting Michael seems to be a frequent and difficult lesson to learn. By this point in my session, my arms were quivering like Jello. It had been a while since I had last done push-ups, and I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do very many. Michael cajoled me by saying that it was okay even if I could only do one or two. With shaky arms I assumed the position and surprised myself by doing 7 push-ups! I kind of hoped that I was now finished with push-ups for the day, but he had me do a second set and asked for 6. I did it!

5. Cable pull downs with a neutral grip

70 lbs x 11
70 x 15

6. TRX rows for 12 reps

My quads are still sore. My glutes are starting to feel sore. My arms, shoulders, and upper back are a little fatigued and stiff. Aside from all that, I feel great! Seriously. For a while yesterday I had actually contemplated going for a little run, but I gave up on that idea by the time I had finished work. The last thing I want to do is cause an injury or aggravate my hip or some such thing. My body parts are essentially in a good place right now, maybe not perfect but acceptably healthy, and I’d like to stay that way for as long as possible. Walking would be good though. Maybe I’ll get out for a walk tonight.


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