A Butt-Kicking

At some point before, or at least early in the competition, Michael told me that I didn’t have to train on Monday to which I shook my head and said that I would be there. I could have sworn that he said it would be light and easy…

At one point in today’s training session, I actually said I was sorry for not listening to him yesterday, joking that I was being punished. I know it wasn’t actually punishment, and he did say that I would probably hate what he had planned for me. Hate is a strong word, and I tend to reserve that word for things like…okay, so I’m having a difficult time coming up with stuff I truly hate doing at the gym. Maybe my mental faculties are a little fatigued right now, because there has to be something that I hate doing! I wanted to say chin-ups or push-ups, but they aren’t so bad anymore. Oh wait! I got it! Flies. I hate flies! But I digress. I would not say that I hated today’s training session, but I will say that it was tougher than anything I have done for a while. That’s not a bad thing, but I know that I am going to feel it tomorrow. In all honesty, I’m already feeling it. I’m glad that I can type properly and keep my wrists relatively passive on the edge of my laptop, because my right arm is much too rubbery to lift much of anything, including itself. I don’t think my quads and glutes have stopped quivering since I started my training session at 4:00.

1. safety bar squats

warm-up: 75 x 6, 125 x 5

main event: 4 sets of 10 @ 125

Yes, I did say 4 sets of 10 reps. While I wouldn’t say that I hated it, I would definitely say that it sucked. Immensely. I haven’t sweat that much or breathed that hard in quite a while. I might have thought that I might die a time or two, but I persevered and got the job done.

2. bench press

We started these after a few sets of the squats, so we skipped the warm-up.

Main event:

70 lbs x 10, 70 x 10, 65 x 9, 65 x 6

We moved my grip out just a bit which felt strange. The weight shouldn’t have been much of a problem, but I’m sure the change in grip messed with me a bit. It took me a few reps to adjust to the change in where the bar came down to my chest, and my arms really had some control issues going on. Michael thought my right shoulder lost position for at least one set, and he is probably correct. My right arm seemed quite fatigued and weak today. It was okay for the first two sets, but it really flagged at the end of the third set. The ninth rep was tough, but I tried for that tenth. I knew as soon as I lowered the bar to my chest that the right arm wasn’t going to make it back up. I was correct. On the final set, the right arm gave up even sooner.

3a. chin-ups with green band and wide, neutral grip

2 sets of 6

These were surprisingly good. I’d even go so far as to say that the second set was easier than the first. Of course, I had difficulty pulling the band down for the first set and needed Michael’s help to do that for the second set.

3b. lying dumbbell extensions

Can I retract my earlier statement? ‘Cause I think I just might hate these!

Michael started me off with 15 pound dumbbells and I struggled. He gave me 10 pounders, and I welcomed the friendly mocking. Someday I will own those dumbbells! I will!

The first set I managed 7 reps. When I could do no more, Michael had me do some presses with the dumbbells. I think I managed 7 of those that first time. Let me just say how bizarre those felt. The weight was super light, but my arms were so weak. Or at least my triceps are! The second set was all the more difficult. I think I managed 6 reps of the extensions, a couple more cheaters, and then maybe 4 of the presses. I could have done more with the left arm, but the right arm was utterly and completely done.

And to add to all that my chiropractor has given me a couple of things to do with the purpose of getting me ready to work towards a low bar squat! Overhead shoulder shrugs with a barbell and a kettle bell arm bar similar to one he’s had me do before with a slight variation.

Nope, I didn’t hate this training session. It was tough. It kicked my butt, but I’m tougher than I look.


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