The Competition

It’s been a long day, but I think it was a good day overall. My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning which is basically sleeping in for me. I didn’t have the greatest sleep, being in a strange bed and all, but it was decent enough. After getting dressed I made myself a bowl of instant oatmeal mixed with protein powder but only managed to eat maybe a quarter of it. A small container of yogurt went down a little easier, but there was no way that I could have eaten anything more. While I wouldn’t exactly say that I was nervous at that point, my stomach definitely would have been unhappy with too much food.

When we arrived for the weigh-in we discovered that I had been moved back into the second flight. My weight was right where I expected it to be…67.45 kg (148ish pounds) which was well below the 72 kg limit.

After waiting and warming up, it was finally time for squats. My opening attempt was 87.5 kg (192.9 lbs). No problem. Second attempt was 95 kg (209.4 lbs). Again no problem. My third and final attempt was 100 kg (220.5 lbs) which would have been a new PR. We decided not to try for the Provincial record, and I am okay with that decision. It was the right one to make. If I had done that squat in the gym, it would have been a good squat; however, in competition it had one little bobble of the bar which resulted in a failed attempt, even though I was deep enough and was strong enough to get the bar back up. It was a little disappointing to see three red lights after finishing that final squat, but there wasn’t any sting in the disappointment because I knew I was strong enough.

The bench press came next, and my very first bench almost became my last! I was the first to bench in my flight. The bar was loaded and the call was made for me to step out to the platform and do my lift. I went to step forward and Michael made some comment about waiting. I was confused, wondering why he wanted me to wait when there is a time limit to begin your lift once the call has been made. Then there was the realization that the bar had been loaded with the wrong weight! Instead of 47.5 kg, there was almost double the weight. I would have been in for a big surprise had I tried to lift that off the rack!

Once the proper weight of 47.5 kg (104.7 lbs) was ready, I did my bench press. It was a little more of a grinder than it should have been. I didn’t have my arms fully vertical after unracking the bar and brought the bar down to the wrong spot on my chest. Of course, I knew instantly that I was in the wrong position on my chest, and I think I panicked a little. But I got it up. The second attempt at 52.5 kg (115.7 lbs) was much better. I got my arms vertical and found the right position, and it made all the difference. The final attempt was 55 kg (121.3 lbs) which would have been a new PR. The bar felt incredibly light when I lifted it out of the rack. I’m pretty sure my arms were vertical, and I know I brought the bar down to the right position, but I couldn’t finish the press. It felt like I might be able to grind it out, but it wasn’t moving any further. The most likely reason is that I flared my elbows too soon, and maybe that happened because of a discrepancy in my hand position on the bar. It’s not the bar I use in training obviously, and it wasn’t even the same bar I used in warm-up, so I kind of had to go by feel to know where to place my hands. I thought I had them roughly the same,  but maybe I didn’t.

Last but not least…the deadlifts.

My opening attempt was 102.5 kg (226 lbs). It felt good and was easy. Michael, despite his better judgement maybe, allowed me to play the next two attempts rather conservatively. My second attempt was 112.5 kg (248 lbs) which was the PR I last hit last July. Michael might have wanted to go a bit higher, but I wasn’t exactly confident in my deadlift. It went up quite easily. Again Michael thought that I could probably go higher for my third attempt, but he asked what I thought and I was cautious and chose 120 kg (264.6 lbs). Needless to say, that bar lifted up far too easily! I had to laugh when I finally watched the video later, because Michael’s reaction in the background said it all. He knew I could have done so much more! Oh well…

I finished with a total of 267.5 kg (588.b lbs), which I am still happy with. It is an improvement from my last competition’s total of 235 kg (517.8 lbs).


4 thoughts on “The Competition”

  1. Congratulations on the new total PR! Are you competing again any time soon or will you spend the next few months solely training?

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