The Night Before the Day Before

I should probably be doing something useful, like packing or at least gathering the few things I will need to take on our little road trip to my competition, but I am procrastinating. The most important bag, my gym bag, is 95% packed already and has been since Wednesday afternoon. The final additions won’t be thrown in until tomorrow afternoon when I am finished using them. I am justifying my current procrastination with the fact that I really don’t need much else: pjs, toiletries, contacts, jacket. I can throw those in a bag in a matter of minutes, although I know that by the time I finish work, shower and have something to eat, I will feel like I am racing the clock before we have to leave. It’s nothing I can’t handle though.

But still, I feel like I should be doing something! Instead I am enjoying the down time, because the work day was very long, very busy and I was going non-stop. I missed my gym time today, but I got a “work out” at work. My husband almost teased me about the fact that he was going to the gym while I could not, but he had a moment of wisdom before he finished making his thought verbal. He’s probably glad he stopped himself. I was a little snarky after work…


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